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Imagine for just a minute what you look like and what you are wearing on a “major clean the house day.” You are probably un-showered, dressed in maybe an old t-shirt, maybe some sweatpants, no make-up, hair is probably pulled back in an unkempt ponytail…you get the picture.

Imagine now what you look like dressed and ready to go on a date, or to church, or to a wedding. Probably showered and clean wearing nice, clean and pressed clothes, maybe some jewelry, perhaps some make-up and brushed/styled hair. Maybe you even splurged and spritzed on some perfume!

Now answer me this question. When comparing ourselves to other mothers/women, why do we always see ourselves in our “clean the house day” and compare ourselves to their “go to a wedding or church day?”

I mean this figuratively, not literally. We look at what others do well that we don’t and beat ourselves up over it.

I will probably never run a half marathon like one of my dear friends. I will never sew beautifully like another. I will never have a beautiful singing voice like another friend. I will never train for a triathalon. I will probably never be as well read and educated as another. I will never write as beautifully as another friend. I WILL NEVER be able to say like another, that I have never raised my voice to my children. I will probably never refinish furniture. You will not see me on most field trips my children go on. You will NEVER see me playing with playdough…

And guess what?

Perhaps your vegetable garden will never grow as profusely as mine. Maybe you’ll never be caught up with your laundry. Maybe some of you will never do a craft class with your children. Maybe you will never be the PTA President. Perhaps you’ll never enjoy hosting parties. Maybe you’ll never make a homemade birthday cake….

If we all mothered, wifed and womaned (do you like those words?) the same way, this world would be a boring, uniformed society. It probably would be no fun.

So for today, don’t think of all the women you know who deserve to be “Mother/Woman of the Year.”


Look in the mirror.

QUESTION: What is one talent or skill you have that you are really good at?

CHALLENGE: Try to share your talent with another mother or have another mother teach you a new one.


  1. says

    This is so true Tiffany. Often we compare our weaknesses to another’s strengths. It is like comparing apples and oranges. Thanks for the great reminder to focus on our own talents and what we have to offer!! You are great!

  2. Laurie says

    Tiffany, I love this. I just can’t seem to master this concept. I also love that my never list and my do list are almost just the same as yours! I wish we were neighbors! Glad we’re cyber neighbors.

  3. Dawn says

    This is a powerful article-you are saying the things we, especially as women do to ourselves! There are so many things I wish I were better abut never be. One thing I am proud of is my ability to entertain-I love being the hostess but could the elves come and clean up?!

  4. Sandra F. says

    This is something you just can’t hear enough. It’s just so easy to fall back into the habit of comparing yourself to other mothers instead of trying to be YOUR personal best self. Therefore, I am pledging to TRY not to compare myself to my dear friend Tiffany who should be Mother of the Year with how absolutely amazing she is at being a mom!

  5. says

    Thank you Tiffany, this spoke volumes to me! This last couple weeks of school as the projects flow in and I see the scrapbookers kids carry in their works of art and mine looks like an 11 year old boy did his (I mean what mother lets her child do his own homework?), it led me to compare myself to them (as I sat in my dirty van wearing my workout clothes and an unkempt ponytail). It’s not healthy and not nice to our spirits!

  6. says

    Awesome post!!! Very encouraging!!! A message to be shared with all mothers and I did pass it on through all of the social media platforms I’m connected to! Thanks!!! I would love for you to share this type of message ANY TIME on my I Am A Powerful Woman facebook page!

  7. says

    Awesome post! A message to be shared with all mothers. In fact, I did through all of the social sharing buttons! Please feel free to share this type of message on my I Am A Powerful Woman fb page anytime!

  8. aaririe says

    I just commented on April’s post because I have been doing this very thing constantly. I really need to try hard to find the talent/skill that I am good at, at the LV retreat that question was asked and I wasn’t sure what to put down. A few weeks ago I was beside my son as he was drawing (one of his talents) and he asked me what my talent was, I told him that I wasn’t really sure but I was trying to be a good mom. Thankfully, he said that I was a good mom but when I asked him what he thought my talents were, he couldn’t come up with anything. I need to use the advice from the retreat and really think back on things that I used to enjoy or would like to learn and create a new talent. Thanks for another great post!

  9. says

    This reminds me of something a Weight Watcher’s presenter shared. She said when we are really craving something like an ice cream sundae, we automatically mentally re-create the most luscious, creamy delicious sundae we have ever—or never!—had. We never recall the treat that was half melted and tasted of freezer burn.

    It’s always a good reminder to just be the best we can be and stop comparing ourselves to others.

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