Will YOU Dare to Dream? – Episode 8

Today I had the privilege of podcasting with Whitney Johnson, a talented mother of two and the inspiration behind the blog, “Dare to Dream.”  I feel so inspired from the experience, and I’m excited to share our conversation.

Do you feel like nurturing your talents is nearly impossible if you’re simultaneously trying to be a good mom?

Is there a dream or a purpose inside that’s yearning to get out, but you’re not quite sure where to start?

Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself a bit since becoming a mother?

If you’d like to hear someone say, “You can live your dream!” then you’re in the right place.

Join us as we discuss practical ways to identify your talents, dream big, and live the life that you were meant to create.

Listen to the podcast.

(For more information on the “Finding Your Purpose” program mentioned in the podcast, click HERE.)


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  1. Kristine says

    Thanks Whitney and April for all these good thoughts. I know I have a “dream marriage” looming in my future so I’m going to start “dating” right away.

    In one of our Learning Circles we listed the things we are good at as individuals. As simple as it sounds, actually sitting down and writing a list of my talents is a pretty big step (for me, at least).

    I’ve got Penny’s ebook and I’m excited to work through that.

  2. says

    Kristine —

    It is interesting that when we write down what we do well — that we discover just how competent we are, and there’s lots for us to do.

    Good luck with the “dating of possible dreams”.

  3. Michelle L. says

    This podcast was so good, thank you! I wrote down most of your main points as I listened, and hopefully will be incorporating them into my life very soon.

  4. Brooke M says

    What an uplifting experience. Thank you for all of the advice and direction. The thought came to me as I listened that, as mothers, we deeply desire our children to dream and become. What could be a stronger way to teach them to do so than letting them see us dream and excel at things we have in our hearts! Thank You!

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