Will They Get It?

As a mother, we never really know what our kids are doing. We know they’re washing their hands and cleaning their rooms because it’s something we can see daily. Of course, if they walk by you and have spaghetti sauce on their face, they’ll admit they forgot to wash up and will remember to do it next time. I often wondered though, are the values we’re teaching, like service, really sticking? Or is it something they forgot and will remember to do next time?

My daughter went over to a woman’s home that we knew from church. The  lady was holding an activity there and Maddie was one of the people attending. This woman was having a crazy week and was working multiple jobs. She apologized to my daughter for the messy house and told her she hadn’t had time to do the dishes, clean, etc., so my daughter saw that she needed help and offered to clean the dishes for her. Maddie wasn’t asked to help but, she did it because she saw someone who needed a little extra hand.  I must tell you I was beside myself with smiles when I found out my daughter was getting it. The values we’re teaching, like service, are sticking! Sometimes, it’s those little random acts of kindness that make a mama proud.

Image from FreeDigitalPhotos/Vegadsl.

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