What I REALLY Want for Mother’s Day


I look back at past Mother’s Days and realize that what I usually want and expect is basically a day off.  A day off from mothering.  Ironic, isn’t it?  I’ve decided to change that this year. What I’ve decided that I want more than anything is to somehow craft a day where I can enjoy all the things I love about mothering. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still asking a lot of my dear husband, Jeff….basically I want him to do all the periphery stuff that normally is attached to my mothering so that I can just soak in these kids. I want him to cook and clean and hustle the kids so that I can celebrate everything I love about motherhood on that day without all the stress and frazzle that other stuff brings with it. I want to read to the kids, snuggle up to them at night and give them foot massages, I want to have some one on one time with each of them and really see into their souls. I want to remember what it is that I love about this job. What it is that I chose when I chose motherhood.

And, I want an hour. One hour alone to think about my mothering, this Sunday and each Sunday to come. One hour of uninterrupted time to reflect on who I am as a mother and wife and person, who I want to be and how I can get there. I want more than anything to be a deliberate wife and mother. I want to be proactiveand thoughtful. I want to engage and turn off auto-pilot more often. And if I’m serious about doing this I need one hour a week and a few minutes each day to think and plan and reflect and pray.

So, as a Mother’s Day gift to myself I’m going to enroll in the Bloom Game here at The Power of Moms. I’ve been so excited to see this come together!  I think it will be just the tool I need to help me be to live more deliberately.

So there you have it Jeff. All laid out. In writing.

Am I setting myself up for disappointment? Are my kids going to foil this plan by not engaging with me in the magical ways I’m envisioning? Probably. But I’m going to try my darndest to enjoy the the magic and challenge of mothering tomorrow…come what may.

QUESTION: What is your favorite way to spend Mother’s Day?

CHALLENGE: Spend a minute reflecting on the reasons you chose motherhood.


  1. April Perry says

    I love those thoughts, Saydi!  As I’m typing this comment, my son is hitting an inflatable ball around my head.  At first I was a little frustrated with his energy, but your post reminded me that these are the sweet moments.  My family brought me breakfast in bed this morning and then all sat around to watch me eat it.  As I looked at my husband and children, I thought, “Does it get any better than this?”  There’s still whining and messes and tantrums and yes–the ball just hit me in the face again.  But I love being a mother, and it’s possible to have a GREAT experience with this!  Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Montserrat says

    I love the suggestion of one hour of reflection on motherhood a week. I’m not talking about the hour I get in the middle of the night when I’m nursing either. 😀 It would be nice to think about the past week and what changes I could make in the coming week.


  3. Tiffany says

    Thank you for this.  When I read this last night, the ‘turn off auto-pilot’ part stuck with me.  When I woke up this morning, that was the first thing that came to my mind as I got out of bed to begin my quiet time, before the kids awake.  If needs be, it will be my mantra for the day (and week and month).  Thank you for the reminder to ENGAGE more!

  4. Cath says

    Saydi – my Mother’s Day was kind of a bust. When things settle, thanks to you, I have a new plan. Like you, I want time to enjoy my kids with all the periphery tasks taken care of. Thanks for such a wonderful idea. So how did it go? How was your Mother’s Day?

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