Spiritual Sundays: There is Enough Oil

The Bible is full of abundance.

Jesus Christ feeds thousands with loaves and fishes. Bread rains from heaven for the Israelites. The Disciples throw their nets overboard and pull them in, overflowing with fish. Elijah calls down not just a little flame but a raging fire from Heaven.

But one of my favorites is in 2 Kings. Elisha is visited by a woman, a mother, who is worried about her children. Her husband has died and the bills are mounting. Her sons will become slaves to pay off the debt. She says she needs help. He asks her what she has, and she replies that she only has one pot of oil left. What is she to do?

Elisha tells her to go and borrow all the pots she can from her neighbors. Then she should use her pot of oil to fill up those vessels.

I’m not sure what she was thinking at this point. Did she hurry to follow his instructions? Did she leave on her errand disappointed that he had not just given her the oil she needed? I wonder what her neighbors thought as they gave her their empty pots. Did they pity her optimism? Did they wonder what she was doing?

As she is pouring (and perhaps muttering a little to herself about how crazy this plan is), she fills up not one, not two, but every pot that she has borrowed.

I often feel like my oil pot is in danger of running dry. Being at home full-time seems to take a lot of resources that I’m not sure I have in abundance. Will I really have enough patience? Will I have enough creativity to fill our days? Will I have enough courage to learn how to do new things? Will we have enough money to make ends meet? Will I have determination to re-enter the workforce?

And the answer to all these questions is a resounding YES! There is enough and then some. When we go to the right Source, and we enlist the help of those around us, and we move forward in faith, there is enough oil.

So when I’m feeling that familiar panic set in, the feeling of scarcity, I remind myself: There’s enough oil. There’s enough oil. When I tap into the right Source, there will always be enough oil.

Question: Do you sometimes doubt your ability to get it all done?  How can you rely more on Christ, and how can you turn to neighbors and friends for help, as he instructed the woman in 2 Kings to do?

Challenge: One day this week, or every day, light a candle.  Each time you walk by, say a prayer that you will remember the true Source of your strength and trust that there is enough oil.

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    I like that story too. I love how just one woman willing to fill her own pot, filled not only her own but her neighbors too. I’d like to think those other pots could belong to my children, husband, friends, and other people I serve. If I keep my pot filled from the right source, I can help them keep theirs filled too.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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