Introduction to The Power of Priorities

Fortunately, we live in a time and a place when women can pretty much be whatever they want to be. Unfortunately, women–particularly mothers–often feel like they are being pulled in a bazillion different directions.

On any given day, mothers are bombarded with more “good” ways to spend their time, talent and energy than they know what to do with. On top of the self-evident responsibilities of keeping home and family life running smoothly, there are volunteer opportunities in the school, church, and community, personal hobbies or goals to pursue, extended family and friends to keep in touch with, and various types of work obligations.

If mothers aren’t careful with how they use those natural resources, they may end up more frazzled than fulfilled, and their children may suffer as well.

During the month of August, our top priority will be helping mothers figure out their top priorities. (Okay, our real top priority is our own families, but you get my drift!)

Some of the topics we will cover include recognizing there are times and seasons for different priorities, practical ways to assess your priorities, actually putting first things first, placing self-care high on your to-do list and remembering that just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

We hope you’ll prioritize a little bit of your precious free time in August to read more stories and insights from the real women over at The Power of Moms as we try to work through this tricky subject together!

QUESTION: What are your top five priorities, and how do you keep them at the top of your list?

CHALLENGE: Start brainstorming ways to rearrange your life to better reflect those priorities.




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