1. Leigh says

    I loved this podcast. I love the concept of allowing our kids to make mistakes and learn from natural consequences when they are young. Reminds me of a good book I like, “Parenting with Love and Logic”

  2. K says

    What a fantastic podcast thank you so much. This conversation was such an eye opener for me – as I realise I’ve grown up feeling like my mum got everything right, and as a new mother I have felt such a pressure to be ‘perfect’ like I thought she was, subconsciously almost. What a relief to think my mistakes (which are inevitable) can actually be a positive to my children – rather than somehow damaging, if I deal with them in the right way. Life changing! Thank you!

    • April Perry says

      BEAUTIFUL thought here, K! I think we all need to feel that relief each day…so we know that we have a way to correct all of our mistakes. (Goodness knows, I need that reminder!) Thanks for being a part of our community!

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