Stick these leadership lessons to the roofs of your kids' mouths.

Book Summary: Peanut Butter Principles

As parents, we all wish we had been given an Owner’s Manual when we left the hospital with our first-born child, and probably each child after that–each model has it’s own unique characteristics and requires a little different approach, right? This book is packed with principles that we can teach to our children that will “stick to them like peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth.”

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Ideas for Working Together: Episode 56

In an ideal world, parents would ALWAYS be on the same page, and working together would be a cinch. But getting ourselves in alignment requires the application of a variety of principles, which are not always easy to figure out. Eric and April Perry are starting the conversation here about how to develop a strong family culture TOGETHER.

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Homework and School Project Ideas

Homework time is upon us again! Chantol Sego has some excellent ideas to keep your kids on task: a “homework board,” a “homework box,” and project planning template you can download!


A Money System that Works

Shawni’s tried just about everything when it comes to teaching her kids about work and money. And she’s finally come up with a system that really works.

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5 Tips For Keeping Tweens and Teens Busy During the Summer (With Video!)

Keeping tweens and teens busy during the summer can be challenging–they need more than just one pool day after another. Allyson Reynolds knows a big part of summer fun for teens and tweens can actually be found in challenging, meaningful experiences, and she has five great ways to keep tweens and teens happy and productive all summer long.

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Guilt-Free Organization Tips

Organization is not just about finding places for socks and toys. Organizing our lives as mothers requires special attention as well. Join author Cindy McKee as she shares nine helpful hints to organizing life as a mother.