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The Swing of Summer

Now that summer is in full swing, I’m guessing most mothers already have a game plan in place for the upcoming months. But before you fill your calendar to overflowing with every summer camp available, I have a few thoughts that I hope will get you excited about this rare time when you get your children […]

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Going on a Bear Hunt

Deep down I know I am mentally “checking out” and creating the very stress I want to avoid. I found some inspiration in the children’s book “Going on a Bear Hunt”. The idea is that in order to complete an adventure, we “can’t go over it, can’t go under it…gotta go through it!”

70's Family

Overcoming Family Labels

  I just spent the last two weeks visiting my family in Iowa. Like every family, we have similarities in opinions as well as differences, things we get about each other and things we don’t, and specific ways we enjoy spending our time together, avoiding other activities entirely. And it’s always interesting to see how everyone […]

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Spiritual Sundays: Infinity in the Palm of My Hand

Editor’s Note: The Power of Moms is a website for mothers of all religions (and for mothers who are not necessarily religious). Each Sunday, we post a spiritual essay, and we would love to gather a wide variety of perspectives and ideas.  Our goal is to be respectful of all beliefs while simultaneously offering opportunities […]