We are all perfect in the eyes of our children. www.powerofmoms.com

To Be Perfect

Hidden inside the simple lines of her son’s stick figure portrait were valuable lessons for one mom on what it means to be perfect.

What are the moments that ground you? www.powerofmoms.com

Anchored by Beautiful Moments

A trusted friend once told me, “In motherhood, the hard moments sometimes outnumber the beautiful moments, but the beautiful moments always outweigh the hard moments.” I have developed a few strategies to give the perfect moments in motherhood even more weight so they can anchor me through the hard times.

Stop And Smell Your Children

Book Summary: Stop and Smell Your Children

If you are in the early years of motherhood with little ones at home, this book is for you. The book feels like a conversation with a friend, one who invites you to reflect and examine how you can “stop and smell” your children more.

Perhaps a little mess is how the best things grow. www.powerofmoms.com

Everything Starts Messy

Children just might be the messiest people on the planet, but they are also the best plants I’ve ever produced. Perhaps a little mess is how the best things grow.

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Running to Realize

Running can be so arduous and even embarrassing if you’re lugging extra pounds around with you. So why did I run during those difficult months? I needed to. I needed that time to think, to wonder why, to be in my own head and try to make sense of my world.


10 Good Reasons to Stop the House Shaming (With Video!)

Allyson was going to write an article about the chore chart that saved her sanity. But the truth is, the her house is a mess right now. Which led her to decide she’s done with the house shaming. You’ve heard of body shaming? Well, she’s coining the phrase “House Shaming”.