Any way you roll the dice, systems help.

Three Systems to Encourage Accountability

Do you ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels and never getting anything done? Read one mom’s account of how she gets things done while also teaching her children responsibility.

What is your mothering storyline?

Choose Your Own Adventure

Motherhood could be the greatest adventure of all! But who really decides what your adventure will be? How will your story end? What is your mothering storyline? Author Mary Jenkins shares how she discovered her story is different from every other mother’s.

Let it go, let it go.

I Want Bad Things to Happen to My Kids

Failure, owies, even heartbreak; why should we wish these on our children? Author Sadie McCurry takes a look at the lessons learned by our children when they experience “bad” things. Why, they may even learn resilience!

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Housework Builds Relationships: Episode 9

The word “housework” is often corrected to “drudgery,” “whining,” and “necessary evil.” But housework can actually be a fun and meaningful relationship-building activity. Saren and April share practical and simple ideas for how we can get our children effectively and positively involved in keeping up our homes.

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Great Charts for Little Kids

The Degn family shares simple charts that are perfect for helping little kids finish their daily chores, earn toys they want, and understand the family’s weekly schedule.

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5 Tips For Keeping Tweens and Teens Busy During the Summer (With Video!)

Keeping tweens and teens busy during the summer can be challenging–they need more than just one pool day after another. Allyson Reynolds knows a big part of summer fun for teens and tweens can actually be found in challenging, meaningful experiences, and she has five great ways to keep tweens and teens happy and productive all summer long.


Passover Prep…with Kids

As part of the preparation for Passover, most Jewish families do a thorough cleaning of their homes. Even if you don’t celebrate Passover, you won’t want to miss author Adina Soclof’s five tips for encouraging children to help around the house and prepare for holiday festivities.

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Staying Organized is a Family Affair

As the mother in our house, I had control over the schedule. I was successful at this motherly duty and everyone arrived where they were supposed to be and with what they needed. That was until last Fall, when our family decided to come up with a plan to eliminate debt.

Cleaning with Kids

Cleaning with Kids

Watch as Aubrey Degn uses some creativity and a lot of fun while teaching her children to empty the dishwasher and put away their toys.

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Juggling Balance

My definition of balance is more a feeling that I am doing the best I can in each area of my life at any given moment. Because honestly, when you try to get all of items on the top of this equation to equal balance, not everything is going to run smoothly.

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To Do or Not to Do: How Do You Decide?

I’ve got a question burning inside me for all the moms out there: How do you stop trying to do too much? In spite of all I do to be an organized, balanced, happy mother, I am still trying to do too much, and I don’t know how to stop.