Tackling Screen Time

Tired of battles over how much time your children have spent in front of a screen each day? Watch as Mary Jenkins and her son Nathaniel explain a simple chart they use to track how much screen time Nathaniel has had each day. Then download and print your own Screen Time Chart below!

Screen Time Chart – PDF



  1. brea says

    What a great idea to help kids visualize time. We used to have lots of screen time issues with our three boys, who were happy to have 1/2 hour screen time a day, but could never finish on time because they couldn’t save in the middle of a “level.” I solved the problem by canceling all weekday screen time (unless it’s homework computer time) and on Friday’s after school they can have as much screen time as they like until dinner, and they sometime get some time on the weekends, depending on the family’s movements. We haven’t had any trouble for nearly two years doing it this way, even from my preschooler who is home with no one to play with (except his baby sister) a lot. They are all happier to do other things during the week, and Fridays have a very festive feel for them. It’s definately worth persevering in the fight against letting our kids get addicted to their screens – by limiting their time we help them be more creative, imaginative and far more contented in their little hearts.

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