Spiritual Sundays: Lessons I Have Learned

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Editor’s Note: The Power of Moms is a website for mothers of all religions (and for mothers who are not necessarily religious). Each Sunday, we post a spiritual essay, and we would love to gather a wide variety of perspectives and ideas.  Our goal is to be respectful of all beliefs while simultaneously offering opportunities to share meaningful, spiritual thoughts with one another.

This Mother’s Day, I reflected on some lessons that I have learned by being a mom. I feel that I have learned so much in my short time being a mom; I seriously cannot fathom what future lessons I have in store.

Not too long ago, I heard a speaker say something that really impacted my life.  He said, “Every lesson that we will need in life, we will be taught by our children.”  I truly believe this.  I feel that every lesson I need, I will be taught by my children; scary but true.

One lesson that I have learned is about perspective.  Often times, I look at my life or the current situation I am in, and I think, “How did I get here?”  This would include times when both kids are screaming (just for fun to see who can scream the loudest), my house is a disaster (and I swear I just cleaned it), or when I am running with my son in my arms–trying to get to a bathroom, and realize that I am all wet and he couldn’t hold it anymore.

I mean, I have had some crazy, what-I-like-to-call “mom moments” because you earn the title with each one.  I constantly repeat to myself, “Is this really my life?” But, I know that I will truly miss this one day; I will look back and say, “How did that go so fast? Why didn’t I appreciate it more in the moment?”  I have learned perspective and to appreciate my life for what it is, including all the trials and triumphs that it brings.

I have also learned that my parents knew exactly what they were saying when they said, “You’re going to thank me for this one day.” I have said thanks to them so many times, “Thank you for having a better perspective on my life, than I did.” I seriously thought that when I was a teenager, I knew so much more that my parents did, and that I was so cool. If I could speak to all the young people out there for a minute: “If you could know now what I know, now that I am a mother, now that I am married…you would change the way you live your life.”

I bet that there are many mothers out there with older children, maybe even teenagers, looking at me thinking, “If you could know now what I know…you would change your life.” And then some whose children are out of the house are probably saying, “If you could know now what I know…”  Can this just go on and on?  Our perspectives on life will always be changing, because we are always changing.

Motherhood has also taught me humility.  Many times when I have said, “My kid will never do that…,” my kids have not only done that same thing, but way worse than what I saw someone else’s kid doing.  When my daughter starts to play with the flab on my tummy…I am truly humbled. When my son says, “Mommy talk nice” I am truly humbled.  When I think about how blessed I am to be able to raise these special children…I am so humbled.

Obedience to a higher law is another lesson I have learned. I seriously get so happy when my children obey; all I want for them to do is obey. Growing up, my dad used to always say, there are three things I need you to do “Obey, obey, and obey!” I totally get it now, I hear myself always saying, “If you just listen to what mommy says, then you would be so much happier.” Whether it’s obedience to the unwritten laws of basic morality or to religious commandments, we are happier when we are obedient to what is right.


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    This website is wonderful for us mothers to hang out like a fb for us and only us can understand each of our frustrations and overwhelms. The language of a mother.

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