Solutions to Moms’ Body Issues – Episode 36


Sometimes we fail to see or recognize the beauty and wonder around us.  That applies to our bodies!  While there is always room for improvement, there is also room for awe and amazement.

In response to April’s recent article, Moms’ Body Image, she and Dawn Wessman (certified instructor, mother, and incredible motivator) teamed up to record a podcast full of practical ways to have a positive view of our bodies and make exercise and nutrition a priority.


Full Podcast: “Solutions to Moms’ Body Issues.”


To listen to the podcast in smaller segments, click on the appropriate podcast section below.

Section one: “Introduction”


Section two: “How to Have a Positive View of our Bodies.”


Section three: “How to Make Exercise a Priority.”


Section four: “Nutrition and Getting Started.”


Links mentioned in the podcast:

(Please let us know if we left any links out!)

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Music from Creations by Michael R. Hicks.

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  1. idesofmarch says

    This is outstanding!Thanks so much, April and Dawn. I’m excited for you to do the follow up and to have the links you mention in the podcast. I love April’s honesty and how well she articulates things. It seems like Dawn doesn’t get hung up on things that don’t matter. Just the way she presented solutions made it seem so straightforward. So inspiring.


  1. […] Instead, I witnessed an outpouring of love, full of empathy, heart-breaking stories, and solid, sensible wisdom.   It’s this wisdom that I would now like to share with you. (But for the full scope, you’ll need to go back to the comments on the original post and listen to my recent podcast with Dawn Wessman.) […]

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