Welcome to our Friends at Six Sisters’ Stuff

6SistersStuffWe’re so glad you’ve come to visit us at Power of Moms!

Our official Mind Organization for Moms Giveaway has finished, but we’ve still got something wonderful to help you move toward a life of more joy.

It’s a simplified version of our M.O.M. program, and we call it Five Steps to Less Stress.

This typically sells for $20, but we’re offering it totally free to those who register at Power of Moms.

You’ll learn simple ways to organize your calendar, a revolutionary way to keep your lists in order, a LIFE-CHANGING tutorial in keeping your emails to zero, and other quick tips that will honestly save you hours each week.

Here’s what you do:

(1) Register for a free account at Power of Moms (it just takes 30 seconds!) or login above in the top right-hand corner.

(2) Click the blue rectangle that will appear below that will say “Add Five Steps to Less Stress to My Programs.”

(3) Then go to “My Programs” which will appear in the log-in area, and you’ll see your free materials there!


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