Report on April 2011 Park City Retreat



What a fabulous time we had at the Eyre home for our recent Retreat.  One HUNDRED devoted, deliberate mothers came together to learn and grow and feel the POWER of mothers united in being the best they can be.



Here are a few of the many kind comments we received from participants:

  • This Retreat gave me new perspective on what kind of mom I want to be. I felt so empowered and supported in my efforts. I loved being among like-minded women who want to make a difference in their families. I felt like I was given very useful tools to accomplish great things in my family. I feel energized and have a new focus on what is truly important and what I am trying to do and why.
  • Awesome! When women plan a retreat every detail is perfect! The venue, the structure, the schedule, the food, the speakers etc etc. I could go on! (After 1000 hours of logistics planning – this little comment sure made me feel good!)
  • It felt like being back in college attending a full day of back to back classes on the most important topic in my life. The notetaking and evaluating felt very invigorating–wow, I do still have a brain that works?! The format allowed a wealth of topics to be covered, and each one had value and application for me. It deepened my resolves, opened my mind to new ideas, and granted me the broader perspective to see how I want to use my todays to nurture and influence our family’s tomorrows. Love it and so recommend it!
  • A wonderful professional development seminar where I learned practical tools based on strong principals. A room full of 100 equally intense and deliberate mothers who are taking their job seriously and are anxious to learn and share ideas.
  • One of the biggest “a-ha” moments for me at the Retreat was looking around the room and realizing that roughly 500 children’s lives were going to be impacted by what was being said; that 100 mothers wanted desperately to create successful, strong families. As I sat in that room and realized that there are people all over the world just like these women who really care about the future and who want to raise responsible, caring, hard-working children. I was overcome with optimism for the future.
  • This was the parenting class they forgot to give you in the hospital before you left with that brand new baby. I’m going to pay for my little sister to go to a Retreat because it is an experience I wish I had been able to have as a young mother. That way I could have implemented the ideas and practices I learned earlier in my “mothering career”.
  • I would say that this Retreat gave mothers a chance to discuss things that we all worry about. A place to gather ideas that work and can be tweaked to fit our family. It’s given me perspective and the last few days at home have truly been delightful. I love my imperfect kids and know that we are working together to make something special here – something that I don’t feel I got as a child.
  • Well, I have told about a dozen friends about the Retreat and I guess the main words I’ve used are “Life Changing”, “Inspiring” “Motivating” and “Full of true principles that I can implement”
  • There truly is power in motherhood! It is so apparent when you gather together with other like-minded moms, even if at times we feel alone or lonely in our work in separate homes.
  • This retreat obviously couldn’t change my reality at home right now. It did, however, give me the mental tools to handle the things I cannot change and the practical tools to change the things I can change.
  • Life changing, I came away with a new view of myself and motherhood. The days since are full of excitement, contentment, and the kind of joy that comes from being present.

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