Power of Moms Donors

We are so grateful to the many wonderful people who help make it possible for us to provide mothers around the world with the support and resources they need to be the deliberate mothers they want to be.

We’ve recently created the opportunity for people to make donations to further the reach of The Power of Moms. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more names on this list soon!

Platinum Level Donors ($1000 +)

Richard and Linda Eyre

Eric and April Perry

Saren and Jared Loosli


Gold Level Donors ($500+)

Margaret Archibald

Shelley Davies

Becky Fife

Silver Level Donors ($100+)

Park City Bread and Bagel



Donations of Time and Talents

Our volunteer Board of Moms includes almost 30 wonderful women who provide between 2 and 10 hours a week of their precious time to help further the cause of The Power of Moms.  These ladies post articles, respond to questions, manage our programs, help spread the word about what we offer and so much more.  To read all about our Board, click below:

Our Board of Moms

We have almost 70 moms who write motivating and beautiful articles for our website.  They write because they want to strengthen other mothers and share what they’ve learned.  None of them receive any compensation for their many hours of writing.  Click below to learn more about our Power of Moms Authors.

Our Authors

Our Advisory Board includes devoted, helpful people who donate ideas and connections that really move the work of The Power of Moms forward.  To read about our Advisory Board, click below:

Our Advisory Board

To find out more about how YOU can support The Power of Moms, click HERE.  Please email any questions about donating your resources of time, money, ideas, etc. to saren@powerofmoms.com or april@powerofmoms.com.