Seeing Need – Episode 4

Photo by Perry FamilyHello! I’m Alia, April Perry’s daughter.  In this podcast, we will be talking about Seeing Need.

My sister (Grace), my mom (April), and I will explain the basic things about it.

Seeing Need is VERY simple.  All you need is somewhere to record points, ways to receive the points, and fun rewards from the points.

First of all, you must do some job or any other helpful thing without being asked.  You and your mom will talk about it and decide how many points you will receive.  You and your siblings, with help from a parent, can come up with a list of no-cost or low-cost rewards once you cash in your points. Hopefully, this will help you get a better look on how Seeing Need should work.

This has taught us how to be very responsible, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Click here to listen to our Seeing Need Podcast (it’s our first one as a mommy-daughter team).


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  1. laurahartrich says

    I love this idea! Your daughters are so sweet. The link to the article about Seeing Need didn’t work for me. Can you point me to the article? I’d love to read more about it and possibly start this with my boys. Thanks!

    • April Perry says

      Sorry about that! I think the article is back on our old site–still needing to be transferred. I’ll look into getting it switched over!

  2. Kathy Hill says

    I am new to POM!!! I know I didn’t find it by accident. I have needed this for a long time!!! Thank you for your service and strong usable ideas.
    Kathy Hill

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