Finding Balance in Our Sometimes-Frazzled Lives – Episode 10

Photo by Lacy Anderson


Ever find yourself saying, “There isn’t enough of me to go around” or “I just can’t fit one more thing into this day” or “I’m feeling so frazzled right now”?  Having time in each day to do all the things you want to do to be a great mom is a huge balancing act.  Balance is a law of nature, and each of us needs to find a way to balance time for our families, ourselves, and everyone else who needs us.

In this podcast, April Perry and Lacy Anderson talked about the importance of finding balance in our lives.  They discuss a few key things that can help each of us achieve more balance and feel more peace because of it.  Enjoy!

(Also listen to the podcast to find out what this adorable monkey costume has to do with balance!)

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  1. Charelle says

    This is fabulous! I love it! I love how you put so much thought and “meat” and practical, realistic ideas into these podcasts. Love the monkey-cowgirl story. So full of insight. I think my little thoughts that relate to all you have shared in this podcast come from Linda Eyre quotes I have tried to internalize:
    You can have it all, just not all at once and
    If it’s barely worth doing then just barely do it!
    and of course, the idea of times and seasons of our lives.
    Thanks so much for a wonderful podcast!

    • Lacy Anderson says

      Thanks, Charelle! Those are some great quotes and you are right on linking them to this idea of balance.

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