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deliberate mothering podcastsDeliberate Mothering Podcast Series (regularly $20)

Email podcasts@powerofmoms.com for a FREE link to this series of 18 short podcasts by Power of Moms Co-Founder, Saren Loosli, her sisters (Shawni and Saydi), and her mom (Linda Eyre, NYTimes Bestselling author and speaker).



Attachment-1 (6)Do-It-Yourself Summer Camp Kit (regularly $15)

Email summer@powerofmoms.com to receive a FREE link to this kit full of ideas, templates, pictures, and charts that can help you make next summer the best ever. Thousands of moms have loved the tried-and-true ideas in this kit.



homework kitSchool Paper and Homework Kit (regularly $16.50)

Email school@powerofmoms.com to receive a FREE link to this program that helps parents get the papers kids bring home from school neatly organized while teaching parents and kids a proven system for getting homework and school projects done in a timely and meaningful way. This kit has been a lifesaver for countless moms.




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