Perspectives on Balance- Episode 38

In this 1-hour podcast, Saren (The Power of Moms Co-Director) and Chrysula (Social Media Director for The Power of Moms who also runs a work-life balance consulting company and has a great accent since she’s from Australia) offer perspectives on what “balance” really means as well as concrete ideas for simple practices that can help you find much more balance by taking a little time each day and each week to really look at your priorities in different areas of your life. This podcast perfectly combines the Power of Balance (July) and the Power of Priorities (August).



Click here to listen to the podcast, “Perspectives on Balance.”


Some ideas from this podcast are further explained in this article: A Three-Minute Daily Balance Solution

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Music from Creations by Michael R. Hicks.

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  1. Emilee Crapo says

    This is a wonderful podcast! I always love to hear real moms talk about balance. It is such a relevant topic for all of us. I am so hopeful that there are more podcasts with Saren & Chrysula, what a great duo!

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