Our 12 Powers of Motherhood

It takes a lot of “power” to be a great mom, and although we can’t possibly encompass every aspect of motherhood into 12 categories, we’ve identified these 12 Powers of Motherhood and divided into four themes to bring focus and clarity to our work here at The Power of Moms.  As you read through this page, please consider writing for the site and sharing your wisdom!


January: The Power of Acceptance: Accepting yourself, your family members, and your life situation. Having realistic expectations and not comparing yourself to others.  Can you think of a time when you realized it’s totally okay not to be as good as someone else at something you don’t actually care about–or something you DO care about?  Have you had an experience when you adjusted your expectations and it made a positive difference?

February: The Power of Love:  “I love you rituals” in the home. Using love to diffuse a tough situation or personality.  Using love to make your home the kind of place everyone wants to be.  Love being a choice, not a feeling; a verb, not a noun. How giving love fills your well as much as it does those you care for.  What are simple things you do to show your love for your family?  Was there a time your children showed their love for you, a tradition that creates real bonding and love in your family, or a time you were able to love a child when he or she was particularly “unlovable”?

March: The Power of Patience: Patience with yourself, with difficult long-term situations, and just long days full of constant needs. Patience through perspective – recognizing that each season will pass.  Can you help moms deal with those moments when they’re about to “lose it”? Is there a time when you kept your cool in a crazy momentary situation, a hard time in your life you were able to endure with patience, a technique you’ve developed to stay calm, or ideas about coming to terms with the monotony of some things in motherhood?



April: The Power of Individuality: Appreciating who you are and your individual mothering style. Discovering your unique talents and strengths, and embracing what you and you alone have to offer your children and the world.   Was there a moment when you realized you do something differently from a lot of other people – and realized your way is really great for your family?  Do you have an idea about how moms can find and develop their own unique talents while being a great mom, or a story about how you found your own individual purpose and pursued it?

May: The Power of Intention: Living deliberately, choosing your path, and moving forward with purpose. Remembering that you chose to be a mother. How to “mother on purpose” and become who you are meant to be…as a person.  Do you have a story about how you decided motherhood would be your primary purpose for a season, an example of a decision you’ve made to focus on a particular aspect of family life at the cost of other things you decided were less important, or an example of how you’ve created a vision for what you want to help yourself, your children and family do and become? Do you want to share how you helped that vision to unfold?

June: The Power of Progress: Finding ways to develop your talents, making goals to improve yourself and your family, and tracking the progress you’re making every day.   Would you like to share a method you use that helps you plan, track and celebrate the progress you’re making in your life?  Can you think of a time when you were able to achieve a goal that was important to you, or do you have a story about a time when you felt you were stagnant and how you moved out of that tough time?


July: The Power of Balance: Juggling the commitments you have on your plate, having mental steadiness, emotional stability, and a habit of calm behavior. Knowing how to find balance when so many things pull on you, and putting your strength and energy where they need to be at critical moments.  Creating margins in your life so you aren’t overly stressed.  Please share a simple method for making sure you focus at least a little on your most important priorities each day, a time when you’ve felt really balanced in your life, or a poem on how you feel when you achieve a sense of balance in your life.

August: The Power of Priorities: Choosing which balls to juggle–and which balls to not juggle.  Putting first things first.  Knowing there are times and seasons for different priorities.  Practical ways to assess what’s really important in your life.  Putting self-care high on the list, and remembering that just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD.   Was there a time when you decided NOT to do something you’d previously thought was important but realized wasn’t the right thing to do in that season of your life?  Do you have an example of how you’ve carved out time to take care of your personal needs, or a time when you gave less attention to something some would call very important in order to give time to something else that just felt right in your heart?

September: The Power of Organization: Mind organization, time organization, and family systems. Recognizing that home and family organization doesn’t necessarily mean a perfectly clean house. You want to have the right things in order.  What’s a simple method you’ve found for managing your schedule, thoughts, or household?  Can you share an example of a system that works great for getting things done in your home, or a specific, original example of how you organize an aspect of your life?  Other mothers are excited to hear from you!



October: The Power of Fun: Family traditions, making work fun, enjoying the serendipitous moments. Sharing your fun (hobbies and interests) with your children, and making time to have fun on your own. How humor and fun can bring energy, perspective and joy to otherwise challenging moments.  What’s a favorite spontaneous, fun moment you’ve had with your children?  Tell us about a great family activity everyone still talks about, a humorous comment your child made, or a fun idea for how you get work done together as a family.

November: The Power of Optimism: Looking for and celebrating the good. Following your children’s example of optimism and leaving behind the many faces of negativity. Having an attitude of gratitude. Getting rid of excuses for why you can’t be great and live life fully. Using optimism to gain a clearer perspective and shape your reality: “Today’s going to be a great day!”  What’s an example of when you found something to laugh about in the midst of a hard situation, a method you use to stay positive, or a time when you felt gratitude?

December: The Power of Moments: Recognizing and taking advantage of teaching moments, stopping to cherish the beautiful moments, and enjoying the fleeting present.  We’d love to hear a favorite cherished moment with a child, a poem about capturing precious moments, or a method for making sure you don’t let great moments pass you by.


Thanks so much for joining with us.  We’re excited for you to watch your life become more powerful as you focus on specific, exciting ways to be a more deliberate mother.