No Regrets – Episode 21

“Jerusalem Dinner”

As moms, we wish each moment of our parenting lives could be picture perfect.  But, we aren’t always putting on our best face or doing the best we can.  There are always things that we wish we’d done differently.  In this podcast, our guest, Karen Baker, discusses some ways she’s found to keep her thoughts clear of regret.  Karen is the mother of 6 children, most of whom are grown.  She says, “Regret does not necessarily have to be negative; look at the past and learn from it.  Try to do the best you can- that is all you can do.”  Karen has a wonderful perspective on how to stay positive, including- using scrapbooks to remember good memories, not judging others, long term planning for holidays.

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  1. Ann Washburn says

    Karen Baker has successfully navigated her way through some of the most difficult challenges a mother could have. A wonderful role model for all mothers but especially those mothers who are faced with the daunting task of being a single parent or raising a disabled child.

  2. Nancy says

    I loved this podcast….so helpful and I’m getting the book about Simplifying Christmas. Thanks, Power of Moms…as a mom of adult children, I’m feeling more connected to your information.

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