My Daughters’ Room

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My twin daughters’ bedroom is one of my favorite places in the house.  It is partly because it is decorated in pink and green and feels like the perfect room for the little girl in me.  Mostly it is because we have filled it with things given to us by people we love and people who love my girls.

During the occasional quiet moment, I have a minute to look around the room and think about the things that make it so special.  I love the hand embroidered pillow made by the girls’ aunt.  I remember the girls’ great grandmother as I look at the first dolls she gave them.  I’m filled with memories as I look at their baby pictures that remind me of how fast they are growing up.  I treasure the porcelain doll hand-painted and sewn by my mother that now sits on their shelf.  Nearly all the decorations, quilts, toys, and even furniture came from family members or friends that love us.  I want this kind of love filling my daughters’ lives.

As I try daily to become a better mom and raise my children to be good people, I’m realizing the importance of surrounding my kids with good influences.  I love to tell them about the people that have helped us become who we are.  I want them to know where to look for good role models so they don’t turn to popular celebrities or magazines for who they want to become.  I’m hoping that by sharing family stories and teaching them gratitude for good friends that one day that special doll or that handmade quilt will become as important to them as they are to me.

The other thing their room reminds me is that I’m not raising these girls alone!  There are so many people who care about my family. Motherhood is not always an easy task and some days it can be discouraging.  Sometimes we forget that the job we do is incredibly important and affects generations to come.  There are many other mothers out there who go through the same things we do and how wonderful that we can uplift and inspire one another to do our best.  I have found that little things like the way I decorate my daughters’ room or the stories I tell and the people I talk about influence the girls already.  What better decorations could I fill their lives with than things from those we love?


QUESTION:  What has your mother done to influence your generation?

CHALLENGE: Think of something you have done or will do that will affect generations to come.



  1. Melanie Vilburn says

    Submitted on 6-17-2010 at 12:04am

    You sound like one of those moms who are filled to overflowing with sunshine! What a special, special example to give your girls. You sound like the kind of mom I imagine Dorthy (from The Wizard of Oz) would have become after learning how precious her family was and returning home. There IS no place like home.

    I’ve noticed when moms KNOW that or finally come to know that, their homes become havens and the time investments they make into such things as their children’s developing personalities, nutrition, and skills are perceived as an absolute top priority. I’m grateful for powerofmoms because it teaches and supports us that there is no replacement for purposeful motherhood. It is and always will be the best investment we can make for the future.

    As a parent I’ve noticed how my husband and I have the opportunity to lay a very important foundation inside our kids. I’ve heard it referred to as “muscle memory.” Where, whether our kids get it or not at first, when they do get it, the traditions that protect a home are already built in as a part of them. The pioneering journey so many parents face once they do get it (without the pattern built in as they grow up) is a monumentally hard journey to take on.

    How blessed your girls will be and ARE to be getting that example now as they grow up! To be a top priority and not second or less. Wow!

  2. April Perry says

    Submitted on 10-21-2008 at 11:00pm

    I loved this entry! How neat that you are able to focus on the elements of the room and the love that so many people have for your daughters. Sometimes all I seem to notice is the clutter, the fingerprints, and the laundry that is piling up on the floor. Thanks for your perspective!

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