Mother’s Day Giveaway

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Winners Selected

It was so fun to see all the great emails and blog posts written about Power of Moms in response to this giveaway!  The giveaway is now closed and these winners were randomly selected from those who entered:

Grand Prize Winner – Johni Brown (receives a free registration to our upcoming Retreat on May 21st)

Program Winners – Melanie Norman, Tessa Evans, Lisa Barlow, Cheeri Redd, and Jami Petersen (they each receive their choice of a Bloom Game subscription, a Learning Circle start-up kit or our Mind Organization for Moms program)

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all those who helped spread the word about Power of Moms as part of this giveaway!

Information on the Giveaway

Want to give the mothers you know something really meaningful for Mother’s Day?  How about a gift that is totally free to you and may be priceless to them?  And wouldn’t it be fun to maybe get a really great gift for yourself in return?

Please join in our Mother’s Day Give-Away.  We invite you to write a blog post and/or send an email to at least 15 of your mom friends letting them know about the great resources and opportunities available here at The Power of Moms. Then simply forward the email you sent to your friends or email a link to your blog post to by the end of the day on Monday, May 9th.  Everyone who does this will be entered into a random drawing for some great prizes.  We’ll be giving away:

  • ONE FREE REGISTRATION to our May 20-21 Premium Retreat at Richard and Linda Eyre’s Park City home (or if you can’t make it to that Retreat, we’ll give you $150 credit towards registration at a future Power of Moms Retreat of your choice)
  • FIVE POWER OF MOMS PROGRAMS.  If your name is drawn for this prize, you can choose one of the following: our Mind Organization for Moms program (a $40 value), a Learning Circle Start-Up Kit (a $20 value), or a free one-year subscription to our Bloom Game (a $30 value).

We’ll announce the winners on this website and send individual emails directly to each winner on Monday, May 9th.

Of course, the main “prize” you’ll get from participating will be the good feeling you get from sharing a great “find” with those who’ll appreciate it.  You could be answering your friends’ prayers as you let them know about this vibrant community of deliberate mothers, along with all the resources and ideas the website can offer them.

Following is a sample email/blog post to give you a few ideas of what you could write to your friends.  We do ask that your email or blog post feature a link or two back to our website to make it easy for readers to click over and see what you’re talking about.

Sample Email or Blog Post

(Of course, you’ll want to write your own email or blog post that focuses on your own thoughts about what The Power of Moms offers – the more personal, the better.  This is just a sample.)

Dear Friends:

In honor of Mother’s Day this year, I wanted to let you know about a great resource I’ve found that has truly helped me in my mothering.  The Power of Moms, a website and “gathering place for deliberate mothers, ” is the “professional organization for moms who take motherhood seriously.”  They offer great resources to help moms take care of the person inside the mom while being the moms they really want to be.

I’ve loved reading the thought-provoking and practical articles they offer (there’s something new every day – often from some of my favorite bloggers).  I’ve also totally benefited from setting up my own Learning Circle (sort of like a book group, but we read and discuss an article on motherhood each month and have such a great time learning and laughing together).  They also have this wonderful program that helps moms organize their time and tasks better called Mind Organization for Moms (I’m getting going on that program next) and something called the Bloom Game where you get points for setting and accomplishing simple but meaningful goals each week.  Anyone want to play on my “Bloom Team” and compare points?  We could do do a special night out together once we all reach a certain number of Bloom points and support each other in reaching our goals.

I know that as we all share the most helpful resources and ideas we can find about motherhood, we can help ease each other’s load and feel more joy and progression as mothers.  I hope you’ll enjoy the following little “gift” of links to some of my favorite articles on The Power of Moms.  Grab a favorite treat, put up your feet and read some of these suggestions!

Mommy is a Person

It’s Going to be Hard – and That’s OK

The Perfect Mom (Is There Any Such Thing?)

Organizing Tips to Match Your Style


Love, Susan

Thanks for helping us spread the word about what we have to offer to those who might appreciate it.  We don’t want to leave anyone out!