Motherhood is Movement

Last week, as I picked up the SAME clutter around the house for the umpteenth time and made the SAME meals and did the SAME laundry, the repetitive mundane aspects of motherhood started to get me down. The thought came to me, “I’m always moving but I feel like I’m so seldom moving forward or really accomplishing anything!” Then a poem started to form in my head.

I don’t really write poetry – except for my dad’s birthday when his only request is a poem from each of his children (he LOVES poetry and has taught us all a lot about capturing thoughts and feelings through poetry). Poetry takes time for quiet thinking – something I don’t seem to have that often. But I do love how writing poetry helps you think about things on a different level.  Anyway, here’s the poem I came up with.


Motherhood is Movement.


It’s up and down movement as we pick up

babies and socks and crayons and cheerios,

run stuff and people upstairs and down,

sit down and jump up ten times during dinner,

get up five times at night to solve nightmares and hunger and sickness


It’s sideways movement as we go

from helping with homework to stirring the dinner,

from reading stories on the couch to doing crafts at the table,

from school to the store to soccer to scouts to dance


It’s circular, repetitive movement as we

do the same dishes and clean up the same messes

make the same favorite foods and read the same books

answer the same questions and mediate the same spats


Sometimes we wonder

Are we getting anywhere with all this movement?

Is there any forward movement involved

in the up-and-down, the side-to-side, the circular?


The up-and-down, back-and-forth, repetitive motion

of a river

wears off sharp edges

creates paths



gives life


The up-and-down, back-and-forth, repetitive motion of motherhood

refines us

as it wears off our rough spots

creates us

as it exposes our strengths and weaknesses

soothes us

as we surrender to its rhythms

gives us life

as we give life to others

and propels us ever forward

on the hilly, zig-zag path

towards the people we’re meant to be


Question: What is motherhood teaching you this week? How is motherhood helping you progress as a person?

Challenge: Write your own poem about motherhood. Just jot down words and thoughts that capture some of what you’re going through as a mother and create a “snapshot” of your current life as a mom. It doesn’t have to be a “good” poem or one that you care to share. It can just be a collection of thoughts to help you remember what you’re experiencing and learning about motherhood right now.
Photo submitted by Saren Eyre Loosli


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  1. myboysmommy says

    Beautiful poem!! Thanks so much for sharing- sometimes it does feel like we never “get” anywhere, thank your for the perspective!

  2. marctr says

    I cringed when you mentioned poetry, it has always been difficult for me to appreciate. I was expecting something cheesy and whiny that was supposed to make me feel better but would make me roll my eyes. Luckily, I was way wrong, I loved your poem Saren. Beautiful message and beautifully expressed. It makes me want to go do the (same) laundry and then take a hike along a river with my kids. Somehow I doubt it will be as liberating as I’m imagining right now, but still sounds like fun!

  3. Anny Quail says

    Love it! So me. I wrote a poem. Though I am no poet, I love trying and being creative.

    Messes messes everywhere
    Messes messes in my hair

    Stickys stickys icky goo
    Stickys stickys all over you

    Crummys crummys on the floor
    Crummys crummys please no more

    Dishes dishes piled high
    Dishes dishes my oh my

    Giggles giggles on their way
    Giggles giggles cleaning for another day

    I think I read to many kids books….

  4. Dawn Wessman says

    I could feel the different planes of movement as I read your poem- and the last line sealed it. Thank you for your thoughts and challenge!

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