Motherhood and the Transfer of Energy

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Here is a fun science analogy that adds supportive insight into how our choice to be mothers can be the very best investment for our respective nations, for our world!

Imagine, if you will, two balls, one large and one small.  They’ll need to be balls that bounce.  Now if you have ever bounced a large ball and a small ball side by side, then you know they pretty much only bounce to about the same height.  They do little more than the other does and if there is interaction, it is most often chaos producing.  However, if you use supportive interaction by placing the little ball right on top of the big ball and drop them at the same time, a great transfer of energy happens and the little ball will take off flying.

So, let’s take a moment now and apply this to motherhood.  Imagine the big ball is the mom and the little ball is the child.  Try as one might, as long as they are alienated and bouncing apart from each other the grand transfer of energy will not occur.  However, we can expect great results with our children as we make energy-transfers through supportive interaction.

Supportive interaction is many things.  It is a cheerful cooking lesson, the mastering of good home care together, reading up on all the greatest known principles together, making compassion and understanding the foundation for your relationships, discovering and succeeding in home-run businesses like flower and vegetable starts or an ice cream cone stand, giving a good example of maintaining mutual dignity in the face of disrespect, learning how to invest hope in every moment, just to name a few.

Like the big ball, as we involve our kids in modeling and nurturing these things, they won’t just bounce, they’ll soar!!!  Yes, by transferring energy, we step back from a more prominent position for the moment, but the long term investment is definitely worth it! The family traditions that come out of it alone are more than noteworthy.

In fact, researchers are finding that the very best political leaders, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, psychologists, business leaders, future parents, etc. are coming from homes where supportive interaction is the mainstay.  On top of that, we grow to supply a much needed example of what stay at home motherhood can be to those who are searching.

So, smile, give it all you got, and keep working toward mastery of that positive, interactive support because when we stay home, we become the greatest CIO’s (Chief Investment Officers) of our world!

QUESTION: Did you have 1 defining moment where you knew you were destined to be a mother?

CHALLENGE: Think about how motherhood has changed you and your outlook on mankind.


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