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To read how M.O.M. is improving mothers’ lives, read the quick quotes below, or click here for the letters I’ve received that absolutely made my day.



Quick quotes:

  • I am in love with the Mind Organization for Moms program, it’s become a game changer for me! -Brooke
  • I have: signed up for the 2-week start, read the eBook, listened to the eCourse, listened to several audios, checked out the website, read as much as I can, and I am now building my machine. In 48 hours I very well may have learned more than in my 45 years. And it seems like it’s the tip of the iceberg. I feel like my shoulders dropped, I can breathe more deeply, and all of my impossibilities seem possible. Achievable. I feel truly certain I can do this, compared to trying to convince myself I may be able to. Those are two completely different beasts. I realize that now. Thanks. I guess I am a bit excited! – Janet B.
  • Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much this program has changed my life. I have so much more time now and tons more room in my head. I don’t know how I functioned before, seriously!! I can actually focus on my kids and have actual quality time with them. I’m even getting things done that I’ve put off forever because I was “too busy”. Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into M.O.M.! I want to shout it from the rooftops. -Shantelle
  • I LOVE the Mind Organization for Moms program. This has taken so much stress out of my life!!! It has reduced the piles of papers around the house and given me so much more time for “me time” which I desperately needed as a mother of 3.  –Heidi
  • Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I started M.O.M. in 2 weeks, and I am SO excited! I permanently deleted almost 6,000 emails (yes, you read that right!), have put 1,000 in “Incubation,” and am now moving on to Step 2. I feel so FREED! What a relief and a blessing. Thank you so much for your wonderful program! -Elena
  • This is just a Thank you! I am not an organized person by nature, BUT the “MOM machine” has changed my life. I have been searching for several years for a good way to stay organized and keep up with all that is going on in my brain. I finally found it and now DON’T have to keep it all on my brain. Honestly it took me a few months to finally hunker down and really implement this into my life. I really do feel like I can be such a better mother and get so much more done (including just relaxing with my children) with this system. I am truly grateful for this system and can even say that is has been an answer to my prayers! So thank you so much April for getting this all together. You have been my best friend for the last few months and didn’t even know it:)! – Krista
  • I’ve been working on organizing my mind lately and I just wanted to take a little time to say thanks. I’ve got a ways to go (it’s definitely a work in progress,) but I can already feel a difference. I see the vision, and I love it. I’m lighter, happier, less stressed and overwhelmed, and I can see myself becoming the mom and person I’ve always wanted to be. So, THANK YOU SOOOOOO VERY MUCH. This is an amazing product and you are amazing for sharing it with the world. -Katie
  • I can honestly say that in less than I week I feel SO much more organized and on top of things. I have gotten several small things done that I’ve been thinking about (and forgetting about) for months. I don’t have stacks of papers everywhere, I know where things are, and I know what has to be done and when.  It is a brilliant system! -Michelle
  • My friend who has 4 kids (one with extras) always lived in a state of chaos and crisis (not from lack of effort on her part). Anyway she had a neck injury that caused her to have to do very little but lay down. I told her about M.O.M. and Do Dots. She cleared out over 8 thousand emails and got the program set up. She was able to implement the Do Dots too.  I can’t describe in words what’s happened to her. She is like a different person!! Her children are no longer fighting with her about chores, they are working toward goals and don’t get on electronics until they are done with their level one. Her house is peaceful and calm. And the best part is her kids are learning to save for thing through the store. I don’t think people can underestimate the satisfaction of visually flipping a magnet!!!  Just thought I’d share :)  You guys inspire more than you’ll ever know!!  – Candi Kidd
  • I can’t tell you what a God send you and your website are, literally. I purchased Mind Organisation for Mums and am ecstatic with the paradigm shift that has resulted. You have your fingers on the pulse!!! Oh. My. Goodness. Your philosophy and tools speak to my mind and heart so exactly that I am amazed these attitudes and strategies haven’t been known to women for decades. Women’s magazines have nothing on your ability to truly improve the quality of mothers’ lives and consequently the families they create. Bless you all and a huge smooch from Australia. -Dorothy
  • Thank you so much for putting time and effort into developing this program. I cannot believe how much more peaceful and calm I feel! I just had a busy weekend with overnight guests and my youngest’s dedication celebration and have barely managed to finish the MOM in Two Weeks. And yet both my husband and my sister commented how they were surprised to see me so calm and focused and still enjoying myself despite the big workload while everything was running smoothly. I know it’s down to finally having a workable system without the nooks and crannies where stuff gets lost along the way (or doesn’t fit into any of the categories that I had come up with!) So I’m sending a big BIG thank you all the way from Germany. -Heidi Rabbach
  • I have a new backyard neighbor as of last fall and she started coming to our Learning Circle this month.  I told her about Mind Organization and she got her own copy a few days later.  She’s purchased her materials and today I watched her kids (minus her little baby) while she labeled files and set up her planner.  She is so, so excited and she was seriously glowing today.  She said she loves how you walk through each step and all she has to do is follow your instructions.  Just thought you’d like to know.  –Kristine
  • Thank you so much for developing this program.  It has really changed so many things about the flow of my life.  First of all, I feel much more relaxed inside my head.  I am much more sure of where things are, what my priorities are, and how to get things done in an efficient way.  I feel like a missing piece has been found to being organized.  Thank you so much! – Julia
  • I spent all day yesterday putting my Mind Organization system together using the material you sent.  In one day of implementing, my son (not knowing I had done mind org) said, “Mom you seem so different.  You don’t seem upset.”

    I had the thought yesterday that I’ve been going about things from the wrong direction.  I’ve been focused on trying to be a nicer mom.  Instead, I should have been working to eliminate the stress and worry that makes me cranky–stop trying to hack at the branches and go for the root of the problem. -Pam

  • I had heard good things about the book Getting Things Done and had put it on hold at the library three times. Each time my hold expired without me finding the time to actually go check it out and read it! Recently, I have set up my Mind Organization for Moms system and it has helped me keep track of all the little details of the Christmas season. Already it is lowering my stress level. I’m looking forward to using the system more fully as I go along. -Eileen
  • You have saved my life and my husband’s business. I have set up Mind Organization in my home, and I have been working on getting everything out of my brain and on paper. The last two nights, I have had some of the best sleep of my life. I am a worrier, but I no longer feel that stress. I feel confident in this system, and now my brain has finally been able to rest after years of craziness.  My husband runs his own business, and organization has been a challenge for him as well. I have been sharing the system with him, and he is just as thrilled with the prospect it has to de-stress his work life. It is so exciting to make this system my own–to be able to tweak it ever so slightly to fit my personal demands. I think that is part of what I love so very much about it! You are my new organizational hero!! Thank you, Thank you!! -Susan
  • I found M.O.M several months ago. When I received the program I started reading through it and I couldn’t believe how much sense it made. M.O.M. has created a system like a filing cabinet for your brain, and all the natural chaos that you collect in your head. I have to admit, this has been a sanity-saver for me.  -Joanna
  • This system has made a difference in my handling of everything – paperwork, calendars, and kids’ (and Mom’s!) needs and goals.  Please enjoy and pass it along to your Mom Friends so we can all beinspired and organized!  Then, look out world! -Amy
  • I find myself in the “organize yourself” and the calendar section at the bookstore all the time, and inevitably I will drag something home and be all excited and fill out half of the pages the very first night…. and then it sits.  And it waits for me to take some action again.  But it doesn’t MAKE me behave differently in any way….  This program does, and it is worth the work.
  • My house is clean, and I have a space for my things, but it seems that my things never end up feeling as organized as the rest of the house.  I keep making those lists and trying to tackle the elephant, and he just looks at me every night and says “gotcha again”.  Now, I’m seeing results from Mind Organization and I Am Loving It!
  • I recently left the “office” and am now working from home.  It is such a blessing to my children and home.  My husband says every day how happy the whole house is just from me being here.  I’ve wanted to run my home office the way I ran my work office, I just couldn’t figure out HOW to do that… THIS IS IT! -Lara
  • I am absolutely loving the Mind Organization for Moms program. Not only is it changing my life, but it’s making me think in a whole different way (and that’s a GOOD thing).  –Angela
  • Seriously, thank you for putting this together.  It bridged a “corporate time management” to “mom time management” gap that, upon reading the GTD book, I realized I had in spades.  It needed translation, and you were the one to do it. –Heather
  • I decided to write this little note because I just opened up my day planner and for the first time my brain felt at peace, I don’t know any other way to describe it but now that I am streamlining everything it just feels so much better.  – Joanne
  • My friend started Mind Organization for Moms a few weeks ago and said it’s like a big weight has been lifted off her shoulders.  She literally sounds like a different person on the phone when I call, and she says she is able to get more done than she’s ever been able to accomplish with less stress than she’s ever had and MORE free time! -Debbie
  • My husband tried introducing me to the book Getting Things Done, and while I loved much of it and feel it has a lot of worthwhile information, I needed something more mom-specific. Then a miracle happened, and I found this wonderful site called “The Power of Moms.” They took the Getting Things Done book and made a mom-friendly version of it. YEAH!!! Someone loves me.  -Jenn
  • I have been implementing M.O.M. (and gettting hubby set up this week), and it’s amazing how much more I’m getting done in less time and WAY less stress! I have had 3 or 4 different people over who were curious about M.O.M. My business manager is way excited and thinks this will help her combine family and business. I told her it absolutely would. -Megan
  • Mind Organization for Moms is a great tool for organizing all those thoughts that we constantly have running around our brains! -Melissa
  • I just had to tell you that I completed the first part of Mind Organization for Moms and decided that I had some time to go through my inbox.  Halfway through, I found two movies that needed to go back to the library.  I was so happy!  I thought the kids had taken them somewhere and had even offered to pay $1 for who ever could find them for me. I also thought I should create a file for the cute things my kids say and do each day.  I can jot it down and file it for when I am ready to write in their journals.  Now I won’t forget!  Thank you so much for the freedom you are giving me! -Lindsay
  • April, I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference already the Mind Organization is making in my life. Finally a system that actually ties up all the loose ends! I am still putting it together and working it at the same time and I LOVE the feeling of peace and control that I have. Thank you again for all your efforts in putting this together in a way that works for us moms! Hooray!   -Mary
  • I am thrilled with the M.O.M.s program. I am a 26-year-old mother to 2 young girls and recently started managing the large apartment complex we live in. I am busy and active enough, but have lately felt an overwhelming amount of things in my brain and in my day. I find myself running crazy every day without actually feeling accomplished.  In the weeks previous to hearing about this, I felt a really strong need to organize my life, but all I could think to do was make endless massive lists that never got completed and left me feeling overwhelmed.  I am really excited to dig deep and get everything taken care of.  I feel a huge amount of relief in just anticipating all the organization that is to come. Even just the mind sweeping step and brain decluttering was so therapeutic. As I read, I realized how much I really do think about and how much I really take on. This helped me see how valuable it is for me to store some away safely while taking advantage of the time that I have NOW with my family. After I put my life and family’s life in order, I will tackle the apartment managing chaos and implement this system here. Thank you thank you thank you….  -Danielle
  • I have been so impressed with the program Mind Organization for Moms (M.O.M.) by April Perry.  I’ve been working on implementing it for about 4 months now.  I can honestly say that applying it (even just a little bit sometimes) has reduced my brain clutter and made room for peace.  In response to the Mind Organization for Moms program, Joanne said, “…I just opened up my day planner and for the first time my brain felt at peace…”  Mary said, “…I LOVE the feeling of peace and control that I have…”  No matter what system you use, developing order builds a sense of peace and power.  -Lindsay
  • This past year we adopted 3 special needs kids and had a baby. In one year we went from 8 to 12 kids and moved. Needless to say, my mind, my house, and my paperwork got somewhat out of control! Your program has been a Godsend! I am just in the process of getting things set up, but I am feeling so much more positive and happy. Everyone in my home has seemed to catch the fire and spirit of this program and we are moving ourselves forward much, much faster than we really “should” be able to. It seems to me that this program is not just about organization–but also strikes at the root of anger management, depression, anxiety and other major issues that plague mothers today. Thank you! THANK YOU! – Emily
  • I am very grateful that you took time to put together the Mind Organization for Moms course. I have been trying to implement Getting Things Done for more than a year. I wasn’t sure exactly how to make it work at home, as a mom.
    You have TOTALLY clarified this for me. I am able to move through my day with more ease than ever before.
    Best of all, my goals folder has allowed the things that I want to happen to be put on the calendar. Instead of “hoping” that my husband and I could get away for a weekend, it was scheduled yesterday and I am looking forward to our weekend get away at the end of May. – Lori

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Letters that made my day:

Dear April,

You have literally changed my life.

About 2 months ago, I set up the Mind Organization for Moms at my home. I am a mother of 4 wonderful kids, ages 8,6, 5 and 2. I also work part time and have a terrible time saying “no” to volunteering, social obligations, play dates, etc.  I often found myself late for appointments, racing around, without my hair brushed, (or the kids for that matter).

I needed a change, desperately.

I felt as if my mind was cluttered all of the time. What was I going to make for dinner? Did I complete that particular report? Did I respond to that email? Did I remember that birthday? Did I forget to go to school to volunteer for ice cream duty? Did I buy football cleats? If I did, where were they?

These and 5000 thousand other thoughts went through my head constantly.

So, I read M.O.M. over several times, went to Staples for supplies, and took several days and collected all of my stuff.
Here is a photo of my desk:

And another . . .

Is this causing you anxiety?? It sure is for me.

This was the cabinet above my desk:

I took your advice, bought a calendar, and went through each item one by one.  I filled 2 garbage bags. You would not believe the amount of stuff I uncovered . . . unpaid bills, gift cards, photos of my kids, memorabilia, recipes I wanted to try, etc.  I was ruthless and relentless.  I made dozens of folders and worked late several late nights.

And now, I have this . . .

And this . . .

But more importantly, I have peace of mind. True peace. Every Sunday, I take about 30 minutes to go through my current projects, important next actions, bills, etc. I am getting more done than I ever have before.

One of my current projects was to play more board games with my kids. I find that making a conscious effort to do so has resulting in us playing much more. In the past I would say, oh, I should play a board game, but something always came up. Now, it is a regular Friday night occurrence.

My top file on the left is the main inbox. The second is my current projects, important next actions, bills, correspondence, etc.
My third file is actually photos, scrapbook ideas, etc. Now, anytime I receive a photo, it goes there and eventually, I will put them in books.

On the right are file folders. I did not make cubbies and felt the files worked well for now and the space. One with each child’s name, one for the dog, for boy scouts, daisies, etc.

I even made one for gift ideas, and holiday ideas. The other day I had an idea for a gift for my husband, and just wrote it in my gift idea file folder. GENIUS!

Would you believe I organized my recipes into nice binders. I made a medical file with all of my children’s well and sick visits and immunization records. (The 2 binders on the right.)

I went through my computer and organized all of my photos and deleted over 4000, yes you read that right, 4000 emails.

As I am writing this, I just fed my kids. My husband is giving them a bath and I just looked at my calendar and had the huge Ah-Ha moment which is why I knew I had to write to you.

My daughter has a teddy bear tea tomorrow for Kindergarten. I had written on her calendar to bring a teddy bear. She just ran up to get it and it is already in her backpack for tomorrow.  Six months ago, I would have been driving to the school frantic because I forgot the teddy bear.

My 3rd grader has a math project due tomorrow. Again, this was on my calendar, BUT, was also on my current projects list. We completed it on Tuesday because he did a little each night. I was able to cross off my immediate actions list each time something was complete. He was thrilled to turn in a project early, stress free. No more staying up late, running to the store to buy poster paper, markers, glue, etc.

April, you have changed my life. I am empowered. I am finding more time to enjoy my children.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You truly have a gift and I appreciate that you shared your gift with my family.

Kind regards,
Rachel Winter




I wanted to let you know that last night I stayed up (way too late) and read through all of the steps.  I organized my inbox-finally; and set up my tickler & lists.  I’m still compiling things- you know how that goes.  And when I woke up this morning, I loved seeing my CLEAN DESK and it just felt great!

Previously, I had tried implementing a system into my home from FLY Lady.  She is great and so motivated and really strives to get moms to take care of themselves one step at a time.  For me- one step at a time is just TOO SLOW!  I want to be organized TODAY and I want to see the results NOW (demanding, aren’t I?!).

My house is clean, and I have a space for my things, but it seems that my things never end up feeling as organized as the rest of the house.  I keep making those lists and trying to tackle the elephant and he just looks at me every night and says “gotcha again”.  Now, I’m seeing results from Mind Organization and I Am Loving It!

I recently left the “office” and am now working from home.  It is such a blessing to my children and home.  My husband says every day how happy the whole house is just from me being here.  I’ve wanted to run my home office the way I ran my work office, I just couldn’t figure out HOW to do that… THIS IS IT!

I’m working on my email organization- I’ve always been good about filing things into folders and keeping my inbox mostly under control, but I LOVE having an inbox that is open for new things to come through and be delegated (to myself usually) at another time!  I use GMAIL, which I love because it has so many features for finding old emails and conversations- It really makes quick use of my time.  Having action folders to hold my mail for me to look at when I need to respond to things, and THEN file it into another appropriate folder once I’ve dealt with it is already working!

Now I am puting on my GMAIL Calendar (love that too) to purge old emails every 4 months.  3 is too soon and 6 seems like I’m hanging on to things too long.  I’m trying to look at my emails and other incoming stuff as I do my phone (cell & home phone).  I use the caller ID to see who is calling.  If I have time to talk at that moment, I answer the phone.  If I don’t, I let the caller leave a message and I call them back when I’m available next.  This works amazingly because I’m able to answer questions and be prepared with the things the caller wanted.  SAME WITH EMAIL.  I don’t have to act on things the moment they land in my inbox.  I can say- defer to next week and do it then– or not!  Wow!

I have been sharing and sharing this program with all of my friends and just can’t wait to see how calm and happy and organized we all feel the next time we get together-Saturday.  It’s awesome to see how the excitement and organization is infectious– everyone will want to catch this!    So sorry this email got away from me and spilled over into an essay.  :)  Keep up the good work, and I will too!  Makes me feel like I can now do things the way I’ve always hoped I would be able to.



I wanted to let you know I read your Mind Organization for Moms this weekend and I love it!!! (Major understatement).  You are definately talking my language!!!  Not being organized has caused more grief than I care to admit.  My husband was out of town last week so I bought a few easy frozen dinner items and got to work on our filing system whenever I had a spare minute.

Since my husband was gone I didn’t worry about our bedroom being ransacked and I could just keep working late at night.  So it was especially nice to read your thoughts while my machine is already being built.   I love how your ideas are written for moms to clear their heads so they can enjoy their families more.  It is funny to me how many times I feel I am so unique in the way I think, usually in a bad way, and then I find out I’m not the only one!

As I was reading your system, I just wanted to shout for joy that just maybe there isn’t anything “wrong with me” as I keep telling myself.  Other mothers, and just perhaps most mothers, struggle to make sense of all the physical and mental clutter we have.   Thanks again, April.  I’m sooooo appreciative that I get to benefit from your hard work.


Hi April,

I just want to thank you for putting together such a simple approach to a truly effective system.  At first I wasn’t sure I even wanted to try to implement another organization “idea” in my life.  I thought I was already doing pretty well with the way I was organizing our home and our day.  However, over the past few years I had heard several people rave about the Getting Things Done book by David Allen and I have wanted to give it a try.  When I saw your “Mind Organization for Moms” it sounded like the simplified version of David’s Allen’s program that might work for me.  I am always looking for ways to “sharpen my saw” and improve so I thought why not just give it a try.

Wow, this is the system that I have needed to really streamline my papers, “to-do” items as well as my overall goal planning.  I already had some really good “morning”” and “evening” routines in place but my daily to-do items and goals seem to be big long lists and piles without “next action” direction.    By implementing the Mind organization for Mom’s system, it has helped to organize my mind, my papers and  it has given the stuff that seems to come at me daily…. direction.  I am not going to say it was easy, it took me a few weeks to get the system into place.  I had to read and re-read the directions a few times before I completely got this system up and running.  But, now that I have had it functioning for almost a month I can really see a difference it is really exciting.

I decided to write this little note because I just opened up my day planner and for the first time my brain felt at peace, I don’t know any other way to describe it but now that I am streamlining everything it just feels so much better.  I want you to know that I loved your little videos they made the set up process go smoother for me.  Also, I did my own variations as I am sure anyone who takes on this system would need to do.  But, I love how I have set it up so that it works so smoothly.

Thanks again for a great website, I love the inspirational stories on the Power of Moms site as well as your great ideas.   Just thought you would like to know if all your efforts to simplify “Getting Things Done” worked……….and they did!


I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your work for the Power of Moms website, the excellent “Get Organized” retreat I attended, and especially the Mind Organization for Moms.

I just finished my first “Weekly Review” and I feel so good. I’ve been following the plan for about ten days now and although it did require a lot of effort to set up, it was worth every minute. I was very disorganized and I needed to completely clean out my office and purge my files of old utility bills from 10 years ago (I know!). The actual “building of the machine” was fun. I got cute folders from Costco, a small calender, and cubbies from Craft Warehouse that fit all my project files just fine.

The first two changes I made were huge: I organized my email (I had 1100 messages of various importance in my inbox) exactly how you outlined and I purchased a calendar that I carry around with the “Next Immediate Actions” list posted inside. Those two things alone helped me immensely.

I think you warned us of the difficulty of getting everything out of our minds. I jotted out four items and thought, “that wasn’t hard at all…what’s next?”, then I read through some of your suggestions and the thoughts kept coming. I kept writing. I had a HUGE pile of papers when I finally finished and I started to cry. All that stuff really was on my brain…I thought about most of it every day. Many nights I couldn’t fall asleep because I was thinking through my stuff. Everything is now safely tucked away in the right place and I’m going through my huge project lists as I’m able, but I’m not stressed about it.

The entire program is nothing short of life changing for me. I’ve bought the book, “Getting Things Done” and my husband is reading it to help him. I’ve told dozens of other mothers about Mind Organization for Moms and The Power of Moms. I just want to tell everyone how much easier life can be if we take time to control all the stuff that is constantly thrown at us as moms. I just started the Bloom Game and I hope to do a Learning Circle someday. You and Saren have been such a blessing to me and my family.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Hi April and Saren,

I hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to tell you a great story I have about Mind Organization for Moms. One friend in particular has been having a rough go lately…anyway a while back I had invited her to our Learning Circle and had sent the link to The Power of Moms. To make a long story short,  the window happened to be open on her computer after she was looking for our Learning Circle article and some other articles really stuck out to her. So she started to browse through the website.

She looked at Mind Organization for Moms and called me to ask me if I knew about it and if it was worth the money to buy it. Of course i said, “YES!” I told her to come over and I would show her some things about it.  She came over and I went through the notes from the retreat and showed her what I had implemented. She got so excited. She went home and bought it! But not only that, the week prior she started seeing a therapist because she was having such a hard time handling everything. She took the notes and things she printed to her therapist on her next appointment and her therapist wanted all the information so she could buy it and use it and she is going to start recommending it for a lot of her clients!! Awesome!

My friend said, “This is exactly what I needed for my depression.”  I thought you would enjoy that!



It is late here in California and I am one tired mom right now, but I had to email you and thank you for all of your work on the M.O.M.

I have not been able to get through it all yet. I just downloaded it today and have been able to read in bits and pieces while I nurse my 10 week old little girl. She is my 6th. I had a dinner at my house tonight for 30 people. Nursing was a great excuse to sit down and read, ok drool, over your program.

I had read the Getting Things Done Book a while ago and was inspired, but had a difficult time in the application to me as a mom of then 5, soon to be 6. I think that you have done a super job in this last version in making it come to life for me and visualize the application to me. I am such a visual person and all the pictures and real life examples helped tremendously.
I will plan on attending one of your retreats as soon as possible. Thank you for all the work that you have done on this. AMAZING.

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