Looking Back

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How grateful I am to be a mother and a grandmother. Because of all that is required of a mother, I feel that I have walked, and continue to often walk, through the “refiners” fire.There have been those late nights attempting to get a new baby back to sleep and late nights waiting up for a teenager who has passed her curfew…..There have been late nights sitting up and laughing with the kids and their friends and late nights holding a child who had a bad dream or was afraid of the lightening. There have been late nights sitting next to a hospitalized child who was reeling from the effects of chemotherapy or recovery from leg surgery….and then those miracle days when the news would arrive that the follow up tests were clear, and the cancer was gone.

I have sat through our kids’ numerous performances, sporting events, talks, graduations – sometimes with a mother’s nervous stomach and wanting them to do their best, so that they would feel good about what they accomplished.

I have sat with a daughter who had just learned the news that her first born would come in to this world with challenges, and not knowing the extent of the problem.  I have watched that same daughter put her faith in the Lord, and put her fear behind her. I have seen her step out in faith to nurture that little one….and in time two more.

I am grateful to have shared and to continue to share these experience as a mother, and as a trusted friend to our children and grandchildren. I have, and continue to learn patience, sacrifice, endurance, faith, humor, and hope.

Some people may wonder why I chose this path instead of picking a notable career or traveling the world. I would choose no other way. Because I chose to be a mother, and was allowed this great blessing to be one, my life is filled with so much richness of the heart.

I wish to share how grateful I am for this opportunity and wonderful blessing.

QUESTION:  What have you learned about yourself, as a mom, as you have looked back?
CHALLENGE:  Take some time today and reflect on your past experience as a mom and write down what you have learned.


  1. Maria Forosan says

    Submitted on 6-3-2010 at 03:44pm
    Very inspiring article, it made me realize that there are more things and events to look forward to, not as a task or an obligation but more of an opportunity…because not every woman is blessed to be a mother. I’m glad I’m on this journey. Thank you.

  2. says

    Submitted on 6-3-2010 at 09:52am
    Thank you for sharing your article! What a wonderful reminder of how our journey as mothers don’t end when our children leave home. I know God will bless you richly for your choices!


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