Let’s Do a Mind Sweep

What are the little things that are nagging you?

They might not seem important, but they are taking up space in your mind and holding you back from the stress-relief you deserve. Grab a spiral notebook or a few sheets of paper, and let’s clean out every “dusty corner” of your brain.

Does a doorway need to be repainted? Are you out of AA batteries? Would you like to set up a book club? Do you need to mail all those thank you cards from your anniversary party? Are you trying to lose weight? Is the pantry driving you nuts? Are your son’s shoes getting too tight for him? Write it down.

You’re going to end up with a really long list of “mind sweepings,” but I promise you that our Mind Organization for Moms program will help you close every single one of these “open loops.”

You will sleep better, you will enjoy your family more, and you will feel like a million bucks. Don’t let fear stop you here.

Yes, the list might make you sick to your stomach when you realize what a mental load you’ve been carrying around, but that’s why I’m here—to help you deal with this. You’ve got everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

If you’re not happy with the results I help you create, just spread everything around your home again and bask in the chaos. I’m kidding. Failure is not an option here. You’ll love the results. I guarantee it.

If you’re having trouble emptying your brain, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Home improvement projects
  • Journal ideas (cute things the children said or did)
  • Things you promised your husband you would do
  • Things you promised your children you would do
  • Vacations to take
  • Neighbors to help
  • Books to read
  • Websites to visit
  • Errands to run
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Social Events
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Holiday Traditions
  • Family Educational Ideas
  • Presents to buy
  • Emails to send
  • Handwritten letters to write
  • Phone calls to make
  • Sports events to attend
  • Bills to pay
  • Bills to appeal
  • Insurance calls to make
  • Items to discuss with your husband
  • Items to discuss with your children’s school teachers
  • Appliances to fix or purchase
  • Light bulbs to change
  • Classes to take (for you or your children)
  • Articles or books you want to write
  • Appointments to make
  • Character traits you want to develop
  • Business ideas
  • Recipes to try
  • Crafts
  • Decorating ideas
  • Friends to tell about The Power of Moms (had to throw that one in there)

This is your chance to get everything out of your mind, so don’t be afraid to dig deep. As new ideas come to you throughout this process, and throughout your life, just write them down and stick them into a box or paper tray we’re going to call your Main Inbox.

This is where the Mind Organization for Moms Weekly Review helps keep you organized . . . forever.  Starting up the system takes some time (we can help you do it in two weeks), but then it’s just a matter of keeping nothing in your head and letting your system do the work for you.

I can hear what you’re asking: “Do I really need to do this?”

As I’ve spoken with many mothers about this process, I’ve encountered several smart, “with it” women who say, “I don’t need to write everything down because I have a really good memory.” And they’re right. They do. My sister is one of them. She can remember her third grade teacher’s birthday and every single doctor appointment without writing it down.

But what I told her, and what I’ll tell you, is that even if your memory is incredible, all these details are taking up space that could be used for moving your life forward in a purposeful way and enjoying it more.

I’ll stop there because the results you’ll get from implementing this process will speak louder than anything else I could say.

Another benefit to this collection process is that you will clearly be able to see what you have on your plate. Then when you get a call from a friend asking you to do “just one little thing,” you can quite honestly tell her if you have the capacity to do it.

And as you see all the information you’ve been juggling, you’re going to realize that you are truly an amazing lady.

I disassembled my vacuum the other day because it was hardly picking up any dirt. The reason? It was clogged in five different places. I pulled out the gunk, changed the bag, and washed the filters so I could start fresh the next time I used it. Now when my two-year-old runs inside after rolling in the sandbox, I’m confident that clean-up will be a snap.

Just like my vacuum, we are going to give your mind a fresh start with this process.

If you’re anything close to normal, you’ve probably got a lot of stuff in your brain that needs to be cleaned out, and I’ll show you how to keep it organized so you can work at optimum capacity for the rest of your life.

All right, no more dilly-dallying. It’s time to get to work with this mind-sweep process. You can do this. You will love the results.

Mind Organization for Moms is ready to work for you.

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