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Our site also features Deliberate Mothering Podcasts by Linda Eyre and her daughters and a weekly Power of Moms Radio show by April and Saren.

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“I’ve finally found a way to make folding laundry enjoyable… listening to Power of Moms podcasts while I tackle those mountains of clothes! It makes the time fly by and makes matching up socks a pleasure (ok, perhaps I wouldn’t go that far). I just wanted to say thanks for all you are doing.”

–Jeanette Millward

Just a few weeks ago I started listening to the podcasts and they are encouraging, motivating, give great ideas and information, help me have more confidence in my abilities as a mom, and most importantly (to me) they help me not be so hard on myself and to lose the guilt. I have realized I’m not alone in my feelings about various aspects of motherhood – during podcasts things are expressed and my jaw literally drops that there is another mother out there has a similar feeling about something. Keep the podcasts coming!” 

–Shannon Bryant