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I have always prided myself on being a great multi-tasker, especially when it comes to housework. I think of housework as a workout with some prize to be won at the end of the day. As crazy as it sounds, I’m often frustrated when my husband helps out. He moves so slowly and carefully as he folds laundry, washes dishes or sorts through the mail, that I can hardly take it — he’s holding up my workout! A recent experience fed me a huge slice of humble pie, ousting me as the self-proclaimed multi-tasking queen.

After changing the baby’s diaper one morning, I began a typical routine of making beds and gathering laundry. I grabbed the sheets off my bed and made my way downstairs with an armful of laundry. By breakfast, I had both washer and dryer in motion. Upon returning to the dryer after breakfast, I lifted the lid, reached in, and pulled at some sheets. Confused and horrified, I discovered innumerable clear gel particles covering the sheets; then, it hit me; the diaper I had changed earlier in the morning didn’t make it into the trash.

I was holding the diaper in my hand along with the huge wad of laundry I was carrying down the stairs, and I must’ve tossed it into the wash with the rest of the load. The dirty diaper exploded! Carefully pulling the sheets from the wash, I called my husband over to help. Together, in the backyard, we shook out the sheets, flinging shredded diaper gel particles everywhere. It was raining diaper. My husband was a good sport, but he couldn’t hold back his laughter as he sarcastically reminded me of what an excellent multi-tasker I am. That day I was totally dethroned as the multi-tasking queen.

QUESTION: What lessons have you learned while being a busy, multi-tasking mother?

CHALLENGE: Find ways to enjoy the day while multi-tasking, even if everything doesn’t get done.

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April Perry
Said this on 4-15-2009 At 09:18 pm
Thanks so much for sharing this. I loved it! So many times I have tried to squeeze more into a day than I ought to. Slowing down isn’t such a bad thing. Thanks for this reminder.

Said this on 4-16-2009 At 09:15 am
thanks for the laugh Amy. I know these things happen to humble us moms once in a while. You can keep the title though..we all know your home is order.

Julie Jensen
Said this on 4-17-2009 At 10:05 pm
Well you can thank your lucky stars it wasn’t a poopie.

Said this on 4-18-2009 At 10:25 am
Great story. I have been there, and your are still one of the most with it Moms I know. Keep your title!

Tracy Rachal
Said this on 4-24-2009 At 08:48 pm
We know you are still the “queen.” Dont feel bad though I have done it too!

Gemma Reyes
Said this on 12-8-2009 At 10:37 pm
hey Mrs. K… haha I remember you from Mckinley Elementary School. You were my teacher, you may not remeber me because it’s like 8 or 9 yrs ago but I remember you because you’re one my favorite teacher. Nice reading your story, you deserve the title of being a great mother!

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