June Make a Difference Challenge


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As I sat here thinking about this month’s challenge, I was brought to tears in memory of an amazing woman who changed my life forever.  It all began with a challenge to do something kind for someone.  I chose Vi Hermiston.  I was only 13 years old and she was 93.  I knew she loved her family dearly but they lived some distance away.  So, week after week I went and visited with her.  At first it was to be only for a span of 6 weeks, but our friendship blossomed and I found myself looking forward to our weekly visits more and more each time.  I started these ‘visits’ because I wanted to help someone, but I never would have imagined that in the end, I was the one who gained so much.  Her wisdom and humor has inspired me to be a better woman and to live with more joy and a deeper love.  She taught me what matters most in this life; our family and our relationship with them.  This is what this month’s challenge is all about.  Through service we give of ourselves to others, but often we get so much more in return. Our love grows as we share it!  I gained a friendship that built a bridge across the generation gap which could have seperated us.  Our friendship will continue forever in my heart and memory.  My dear friend, Vi Hermiston passed away at the age of 103.  I dedicate this challenge to her and to the joy my adopted Grandma brought to me.   

Adopt a Grandparent

This is a very special thing that you can do this month and all year through.  Have your child adopt a Grandmother or Grandfather figure to be their Grandparent.  You can never have too many!  Throughout the year do special things for them.  You could bake some cookies, take flowers, or plant and care for a garden for them.  Offer to pick up their groceries and deliver them.  Explain to your child that they don’t get to see very many people, or that their grandchildren perhaps live far away and it makes them so happy when you come to visit.  Have your child make a card, draw pictures, create simple gifts or pick some flowers to take to them.  This will give your child the feeling of doing something all on their own to brighten someone’s day.  Remember your adopted Grandparent throughout the year with these kind deeds.  Here is a poem that you could attach to the inside of a card made by your child for the first kind deed for your adopted Grandparent.


I believe in angels for your see,
They are all around us,
Watching over you and me.

Their hair is white as snow,
Their countenance seems to glow.
They give the “special” kind of gifts;
A kind word, a smile, or a cheerful hello.

I watch them carefully
Wondering how they manage,
To light the world with their warmth and love.
But I have found only one explanation,
They are truly angels, sent here from heaven above.

My mommy says that they are grandparents,
I guess that is the name we use here on earth. 
But if you ask me,
No name is fitting enough to describe their worth,
Except for ANGEL!

Everyone needs a grandma, (or grandpa)
Whether they are from my family or yours,
It is the same.
When you love one another,
It doesn’t matter the last name.
The bond will last forever
Between a child and his grandmother (or grandfather).

So what I am asking today,
I hope I can say in a nice way,
I know that we may have different names,
But would you mind,
If I borrowed you for a time,
To be my very own angel?
There is nothing I’d like better,
Than for you to be my adopted grandmother! (or grandfather)

Love, (Your Child’s Name)

~author unknown~


  1. saren says

    We’re so blessed to have the sweetest “grandma” up the street from us.  Here name is Sae.  She’s about my kids’ size – a wonderful little Hawaiian Japanese widow in her eighties who moved in a couple years ago.  I initially got to know her because some of the girls I was working with at church had a goal of interviewing some of the older ladies at church and learning about their lives.  I was so impressed with her life stories that I wanted my kids to get to know her.  We started stopping by.  Then at Christmas, my kids decided they wanted to be “secret elves” to her.  They made her origami (they were really into origami at the time) or cute pictures and notes and “doorbell ditched” them.  They were so excited!  She caught on to them pretty quickly and started inviting them in to give them little treats.  A great friendship has blossomed and the kids ride their bikes over there to hang out with her most Sunday afternoons.  I’m so grateful for the friend and mentor she is to them – and she says she just loves having the kids or the whole family come over.  I always hoped and dreamed I could find a “grandma” for my kids around here since their grandparents live far away – and I’m so glad things worked out so well!

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