July Make A Difference Challenge: A Service Scavenger Hunt

I am so excited about this challenge because it can be so fun and yet make a really big difference in lots of simple ways. The challenge this month is a Service Scavenger Hunt!

What kids don’t just love a scavenger hunt? The idea behind this challenge is that instead of collecting objects, everyone will provide an act of service. You can have your kids help you decide what to do on your scavenger hunt. Give kids lots of ideas and then have them narrow down the list to a few. How many things you do depends on the size of your family.

Here are some ideas for your Service Scavenger Hunt:

Wash a window
Feed a pet
Vacuum a room
Dust a room
Sweep a floor
Load the dishwasher
Empty the garbage
Pull 15 weeds
Wipe off fridge and stove
Clean microwave
Pick up a child’s toys
Pick up garbage in the yard
Water plants
Walk the dog
Sing a song
Wash a car
Wash dishes
Homeowner’s choice

After narrowing down the items, print up a little scavenger page with the items listed and a little box for kids to check off once the item is completed (or your could have stickers for them to put on once they have completed the task). If your kids are too little to read, print out little Clip Art pictures of the task or have them draw little pictures or symbols to represent each task. Then, print each service idea on a slip of paper and have the slips in a jar to pick out upon arrival at someone’s house. You’ll also need to collect all the cleaning supplies you will need to accomplish the tasks you choose to do.

Next, choose some neighbors, friends or family members to visit. You could choose to do this in one family outing and choose three for four houses to go to, or you could do it throughout the month, choosing one day each week and one activity per night. This really depends on the age and stamina of your kids.

When you arrive at each house tell them that you are on a Service Scavenger Hunt and you are doing kind deeds for people. Then ask them if you could help them and complete your challenge. I am sure most people will be more than accommodating. Invite them to choose a slip of paper to see what task you will complete. Or you could have them look at the list on your paper and choose what they would like you to complete.

Get busy and have fun! Make it easy to do for the kids and be ready to give them jobs so they each can contribute.

If you have a big family you could divide in two teams and make it like a race.

Have a place in mind to meet up once the scavenger is complete for a special treat.

Reward your little scavengers with a yummy treat for all their hard work!

Photo courtesy of Chantelle Adams


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