I Believe

Believe on StoneI Believe.

I Believe that the love of a truly Good Man is one of Life’s Greatest Miracles.

I Believe that Specific Prayers bring Specific Answers.

I Believe that doing Hard Things can make you Softer. In a good way.

I Believe that there is nothing more pure than the love of a Child.

I Believe that a good cry followed by a hearty laugh and a little chocolate can cure just about anything.

I Believe that I’d rather have a few Quality friends than a crowded Quantity of associates.

I Believe that a little mascara, lipstick and deodorant can do wonders in reminding you that you are a Woman.

I Believe that Kindred Spirits can pick up just where they left off.

I Believe that Adversity – like dieting – is hard. But necessary.

I Believe that Home is defined by who dwells in it. Not by the mailing address.

I Believe that sometimes you don’t realize how little you need until you get what you want and still find yourself wanting.

I Believe that blogging is great. But Real Life is better.

I Believe Childhood Moments are fleeting and -thus – I want to be a part of every moment.

I Believe that wrinkles are beautiful and are a sign of a Life well lived.

I Believe in Sacrificing what you want now for what you want most.

I Believe that – at the end of my Life – what I will regret the most is not Living In the Moment.

I Believe that – like Mother Earth – I am constantly evolving into the person My Father would have me be. And that spiritual stretch marks are a GOOD thing.

I Believe that when we fully embrace and LIVE each season of Life we are more prepared to experience the next.

And – finally – I Believe that WHAT I believe and how I LIVE those beliefs help keep me believing.

And thank heaven for that because . . .

I Believe.

QUESTION: What do YOU believe?

CHALLENGE: Take some time today to write down what you believe–sometimes we just need to remind ourselves.


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  1. Linda Grover says

    Submitted on 12-20-2010 at 11:09am
    Amanda–congratulations on another well written article. soon you will be writing a book. You have such a natural writing talent. and so does David. Wishing you many blessings your way for the coming new year. Merry Christmas.

    Love Mom

  2. David says

    Submitted on 12-19-2010 at 05:08pm
    I believe that a woman who believes in the ways you have so well put is the reason that the “power of moms” lasts forever. Thanks for your lasting efforts and for those of the too often overlooked giants who are the women that shape and continue to help influence generations for “good.”


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