Healthy Eating (and No More “Diets”) – Radio Episode 24

I (April) love to purchase produce when it's on sale and fill our counters. And my daughter Grace likes to decorate it.

April loves to purchase produce on sale and keep it handy. And her daughter Grace likes to decorate it.

We received a question from a mom who was wondering what healthy eating can and should be for a mom. She’s seen the never-ending diets that are flaunted on magazine covers at all the check-out stands. She’s heard about all the latest “superfoods.” But she was wanted to know if there’s a way to simply eat healthfully all the time rather than dieting – and if so, how that could work.

Since healthy eating for themselves and their families is something April and Saren think about and talk about a lot, they decided to devote this week’s radio show to this important and often tricky topic. In this 35-minute show, they share:

  • some simple the food “rules” they’ve made for themselves
  • tips for eating healthily while on the run as moms
  • ideas for helping ourselves and our kids develop a real appetite for healthy foods
  • thoughts on how we can develop a more positive and realistic attitude towards food and towards our bodies

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 Show Notes:

Moms’ Body Image (Post by April where she shares her history with body image problems)

Solutions to Moms’  Body Issues (Podcast series developed in response to the article above; features April Perry and Dawn Wessman, certified exercise instructor and motivator)

Ready to get a little healthier and more fit? (April and Saren’s Radio Show Episode 12)

Is it really so hard to eat healthy foods? (blog post by Saren that dispels some myths about healthy eating)

Healthy Snacks (blog post by Saren about her family’s favorite snacks)

Tasty, Healthy, Easy Board (Power of Moms Pinterest Board full of great ideas and recipes)

Beauty Redefined (Podcast featuring April and Lindsay Kite of Beauty Redefined – April called this “one of the most informative, enlightening, uplifting discussions about body image that I have ever had in my life”)

* Music from Creations by Michael R. Hicks.



  1. says

    Thank you so much for this podcast. I really got a lot of good ideas from your talk and the blog posts. I am trying to make our snacks and meals healthier overall as well – thank you!

  2. Bethany Struthers says

    The only time I have to exercise is super early in the morning and I’ve found that when I am busy and stressed I use food as a comfort. Being tired and trying to stay away from my comfort foods … well, let’s just say I’m not the happiest mommy. I was just telling my husband that I think I’d rather be happy and out of shape than fit and impatient with my children. This podcast has given me some practical ideas so that I can have the best of both worlds. Thank you!

  3. says

    Great tips on healthy eating! I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. I liked what you said about the more we educate yourself on the foods that are healthy and better for you, the easier it is to make better choices! I grew up on twinkies and white bread and it wasn’t until college that I learned how to make good choices for my body and (mind). Our children are much better off and already making better choices than we did, thank goodness. :)

  4. Sarah Monson says

    Thanks for this podcast! I think one of the most important things we can model for and teach to our children is how to have a healthy relationship with food– to view food as a positive wonderful thing that makes life enjoyable and our bodies strong.

    Also, I’ve thought a lot about how it’s important to deliberately teach children how to make food choices in our society that is overloaded with food. Some examples are:

    -How to navigate an all-you-can-eat buffet so you can have an enjoyable experience and walk away feeling good, not gross. It took me 15 years to figure this out on my own.

    -How to make informed food choices at a restaurant (I don’t believe there are necessarily bad and good choices, but I think it’s important for older kids to begin to think about what food groups they are eating and how hungry they are, etc.)

    -Appropriate eating behavior at parties and potluck socials (as far as both making healthy choices and being polite in a social setting)

    Also, just another thought: I had a very smooth transition from living at home to living on my own in college, and I think a few things that helped me were that my parents didn’t regulate my eating (but provided me with lots of healthy options at home), I made my own lunch from the time I was in 3rd grade, and I helped cook meals at home. There was no need to binge or splurge or go crazy because I had already been living independently when it came to food.

  5. Amy says

    As a health coach I’ve found creating one healthy habit at a time is what really sticks. Robyn Openshaw (Green Smoothie Girl-teaching how to use whole foods) has some great tips for busy moms and I’ve found daily green smoothies with my family are fast, super healthy, easy and yummy. Learning to substitute healthy ingredients in our favorite recipes is also another way to take small steps.

    here is a link to Robyn’s site

  6. nellystevo says

    Hi Lovely Ladies, (I’m a newbie to Power of Moms so am just working my way through the podcast archives, which are all fantastic by the way :o)

    Thanks so much for this topic. Was great to hear the focus on healthy eating and strong bodies etc rather than weight loss.

    As a Mum I spend lots of time at home (dangerously close to the fridge and pantry!), so not having lots of chips, chocolate etc in the house, and having healthy snack options available and ready to go instead, is definitely the biggest key in trying to avoid mindless eating, for me.

    My littlie is almost three and she’s been ‘helping’ me in the kitchen since the time she could sit in a high chair. Great to hear I’m on the right track getting her actively involved early. Hurray!

    All the best,

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