Hats Off

Last Friday I attended a dinner for the women’s organization at my church.   I debated about whether or not to go, but thought it would be good to support the church by attending as many of the activities as I could so I went by myself and sat by some friends.

The theme for the dinner was an “unbirthday party”. They played off the Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland theme and talked about all of the “hats” we wear as women. They had a single woman, a mom, and an older woman talk about their particular “hats” and how they do it. That was all fine and good.

Then they started calling on random women to do the same and yes, you guessed it, they called on me. I said the expected things like mom and wife. Then they asked me what I like to do and you know, that stumped me. I don’t know anymore! I said I knew what I used to like to do, but that I didn’t know anymore. Why is this?

My answer is that as we become moms, we have a tendency to put ourselves last. This makes us lose a part of who we are…or were.

I used to be fun and crazy. I used to love to dance. (Yes, even in public.) I used to hang out with friends. I used to play every sport that I could. I used to have dreams of traveling.  I used to think I would always work as a nurse. I used to love to stay up late. I used to work out. I used to be spontaneous. I used to go to school and learn.

There are a million things that I used to do. Not so much anymore. But there are some things that I do now that are pretty cool.

I can kiss little necks and make laughter. I can listen to a little boy discover the joy of reading. I can tell you what it feels like to love somebody so much it seems your heart may burst. I can tell you what the underside of our table looks like. I can play on the playground and not feel silly. I can teach little minds that believe everything I tell them  about the world. I can cook food and make it into animal shapes. I can get the BEST hugs!

So I may have lost a part of the girl I used to be, but now, I am a mom! And that’s pretty cool too.


QUESTION: How many hats do you wear that are just for you?

CHALLENGE: Find a new hat just for “you” that you can enjoy.



  1. Vicki Pollastro says

    Michelle, I’m a friend of your mom. You hit it right on. There’s a time and season for everything. Your in the best season of all. Enjoy every minute!!!! Your mom and I get the next great season–Grandma! And that comes to fast!!!

  2. Dad says

    Way to go Michelle! And Dad’s become proud of their kids too!
    Love you and keep kissing those little necks and tell the grandkids part of them are from grandpa.

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