Grocery Shopping Rules

Set yourself up for grocery store success by making expectations clear BEFORE you head into the store. Check out the Loosli Family Grocery Store Rules.

Using the comment section below, please share further ideas for successful shopping trips with your children.

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  1. says

    Oliver’s nodding in agreement just cracked me up! So cute! But to add an idea that has been working for me: I have 3 children, ages 6, 3, and 1. I have found that it works really well to take my little umbrella stroller and put my 1 year old in it. I have my six year old push the stroller and I put my 3 year old in the cart. It helps by giving my oldest a job to occupy him and it also gives me fewer mobile bodies to wander off. When my three year old is contained in the cart, and my oldest pushes the stroller right by me, my trips have gone MUCH better!

  2. Rachelle says

    I love this! Your kids are darling, the nodding, the “potty dance”, so cute. Great ideas too. I always try to “set my kids up for success” before each situation. Those ten seconds are worth every minute inside a store or new environment.

  3. ziff130 says

    Your kids are adorable!! My kiddos are younger so one of our rules is that a hand must always be touching the shopping cart at all times. :)

  4. Sarah says

    Love this Saren! My children are aging out of our system, so this is timely for us. Our twins are just 17 months behind “big” brother, who is 2.5 years behind “big” sister. Since my twins left the infant carriers, they have ALWAYS ridden in the cart – properly seated. Costco’s double-seater carts are great for this. Everywhere else I pull one cart, push the other. Because I’ve never provided an alternative, they don’t fuss much. If they resist initially, I just remind them that we can only shop if they are in their seats. Usually this reminder is enough. If they continue resisting, we load everyone back in the van and cancel the shop. I’ve only had to do this twice because they like shopping. Big brother is my cart-side helper (he can ride on the side because the twin in the seat counters his weight). When possible, I indicate what we need & he puts it in the cart. Big sister is usually in school when we shop, but pushes a cart when she’s with us. Now that the oldest 2 will both be in school, my 2 remaining preschoolers will graduate to walking & helping me. So glad we found your tips!

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