Getting Through the Dinner Hour Without Screaming

Yes. It is possible to have a peaceful and productive dinner hour. Check out what works for the Perry Family.

Using the comment section below, please share what works for dinner hour at your house.

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  1. sassafrass says

    i like the reminder to expect craziness. and to plan ahead. too often i am running behind and then when everyone is hungry i am rushing and i don’t have time or patience to care for the kids AND make supper.

  2. learningalongside says

    It helps if my husband directs the conversation when the kids start getting “squirrely” at the table (goofing off). He will ask them things like “What is one new thing you learned today?” or “What has happened lately in that book that Mom is reading to you?”. He is also good about telling stories from his childhood. I appreciate his help.

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