How to Make HUGE Projects Feel Easy (Free “Mind Organization for Moms” Webinar)

Mom Having FunAt Power of Moms, we want you to thrive.

And part of that thriving involves moving forward on those big projects you have on your list.

  • Maybe your garage is a mess or you want to learn how to do freezer cooking.
  • Perhaps you have piles of toys in your living room that need to be organized–or a huge collection of digital photos sitting on your computer.
  • Your child may have developed some health challenges you need to figure out.
  • Or you may have a goal you’d love to work toward (like writing a book or running a marathon).

I (April) used to look at my list of “someday” projects and feel like they would never happen. Life as a mother is so busy–and often overwhelming. How on earth would I ever even find the time to get started? 

And so I simply gave up. Stopped trying. Procrastinated. Convinced myself that “it’s just not my time to get things done or move forward on anything ‘extra.'”

But then I read the book Getting Things Done® by David Allen, and ALL of that changed.

I quickly revamped my home office to accommodate this new system–adapting it to meet the needs of my life as a busy mom–and the results were unbelievable.

Tasks and projects practically began to check themselves off my lists, and I experienced a level of stress-free productivity that I didn’t even know existed. (Is it possible to be totally present with your family, effective with your work, generally calm and collected, and excited about your life? YES!)

The voice in your head (quote)

Life is never going to be a walk in the park, but there are some amazingly simple ideas that will help every one of us to more easily accomplish what matters most.

Power of Moms is now offering a complimentary webinar to teach YOU the powerful concepts that have taken thousands of mothers from “unmotivated and exhausted” to absolutely elated.


How to Make HUGE Projects Feel Easy

with April Perry

(Our next webinar will be scheduled soon! If you’d like to get on the wait list, please email with the word “webinar” in the subject line. Thanks!)

AprilWEBAbout April Perry

April is the wife to her best friend, Eric, and mother to Alia, Grace, Ethan, and Spencer. As a Co-Director here at Power of Moms, her favorite activities include helping mothers to master the areas that were the very hardest for her to overcome. (And she figures she’ll never run out of things to write or talk about since she’s still in the process of learning so many things!)

Now that April has finally learned to “make overwhelming projects feel easy,” she has created the GTD®-based Mind Organization for Moms program, helped to publish two Power of Moms Books, (Deliberate Motherhood and Motherhood Realized) and launched the new Power of Moms Radio podcast.

April’s writing is featured on GTD Times, the official blog of The David Allen Company, and her main goal is to build a strong family and help others to strengthen theirs. To learn more about April, please visit her Author Page. She’s so excited about this webinar and appreciates the chance to work with deliberate mothers around the world.