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    If it’s a type of exercise that you just LOVE to do, then that really helps! I love to Ballroom Dance, having danced on the Standard Ballroom Dance Touring Team in college. Since then, I’ve found that I haven’t been able to really “get into” any other type of exercise on a regular basis. So, finally, I decided to just start doing what I loved again, dancing! I found a dance partner, and now I get my regular exercise in! My partner and I practice 1-2 times per week, and I’m doing leg and arm strengthening exercises, as well as stretching, every day. These are now a joy because they are to strengthen myself for the dancing! Hence, I’m very happily do them! I WANT to do them! I fit this into my life because there’s a passion behind it! For me, that is what I have found is key. I’ve also realized that I can fit much of the exercise into the things that I’m already doing! For example, I now brush and floss my teeth, morning and night, while balanced on one leg, either bent down low, or up on my tippy toes. The free leg I will move slowly into various positions, in the front, side, and back, to strengthen it. I started out VERY wobbly, but have developed significant strength over time! While standing at the kitchen sink rinsing dishes, I will often lower down into my knees, to strengthen my quads. I’ll stand on my toes while putting on mascara, or lower into my knees while blow drying my hair, etc. I find that there are all sorts of times during the day that I can do these types of exercises. For example, if I’m ever standing in a line, I balance up onto my toes a bit, or back onto my heels, etc. When I have to pick something up off of the floor, rather than bending over, I squat all the way down, and then use my leg muscles to get me back up! Suddenly I’ve found that I am able to do all sorts of strength training throughout every day. It’s been awesome to realize that I can two things at once!


    I agree with Cheryl on this. I’m not a mom but I too struggle with finding motivation to get out and exercise. Two things have worked for me. I found a group that plays basketball three mornings a week from 5:45 to 6:45 a.m. Chasing the little leather ball up and down the court is great exercise and motivation all in one. The other is cycling on Saturdays. Slipping out for an hour to climb Snow Canyon really lifts the spirits and is great for the legs. My wife is a saint, and works to provide me the time. I hope I’m a better husband and father because I feel good about myself and I have the energy and strength to carry the load placed on my shoulders by my many responsibilities.



    Start small. I was having the same problem too, and read somewhere to just start small to get into the habit of doing it. I started 2 weeks ago and just made sure I got at least 10 minutes. Most day’s I would do more because I loved doing it once I got going. I have now worked myself up to at least 30 minutes.



    Exercising with or around my kids has helped a lot too! I defintiely still prefer to do it alone, but I feel that my example is a good way of teaching them healthy habits, and we have fun together! Just a few nights ago, I popped in my prenatal yoga DVD after dinner while hubby jumped in and got the kids bathed and jammied. Afterward, I found them all in the family room with me, follwing along with my video. After it was over, they wanted theirs in (we have a yoga for kids DVD) and had a delightful time with it. We also try to squeeze in walks together a few times a week (I push baby in the stroller, and the bigger kids ride bikes, walk, or ride their power wheels). It’s a workout keeping up with them sometimes!
    I also do a lot of exercising after my children are in bed. I’d rather do it before they are up, but they always seem to wake up after me no matter what time I get up! Once their in bed, I can throw in my kettlebell DVD and treat myself to a hot bath after.
    I agree with Josh who says having a supportive spouse makes a difference! For me, exercise has become essential. We always try to get one another motivated when it’s hard, and to support each other doing it.
    Also, for me, I had to pick something I enjoyed, but also something that was realistic and efficient. I love rock climbing, but obviously it’s not very realistic to think I’ll haul myself to a rock gym or hike up the mountains every time I want to squeeze in a workout. But it is good motivation to stay in shape – to be ready when an oppportunity presents itself!
    I found some kettlebell DVDs I LOVE at and have found them to be super productive and fun! I can squeeze in weight training and cardio at the same time, and the time I am exercising blows by so quickly. I have gotten such quick results with them that it’s been so much easier to stay motivated. If you haven’t tried kettlebells, try them! They are so fun, and my hubby loves them and finds them challenging, also.



    The only thing that has worked for me is to put it first. Work can usually wait 20 minutes while I do the “30 Day Shred”!


    Mary Jenkins

    So many great suggestions on here. What works for me is doing it after the kids are in bed or taking them with me to the gym where there is free childcare. I am not a morning person at all so I just can’t bring myself to get up before the kids do to workout. Also, you burn a lot more calories than you might think going for a brisk walk so if I really can’t squeeze in specific exercise time one day I try to at least go for a 1 mile or more walk with my kids.



    For me it is doing it with other people. I would always gets these plans of what I was going to do on my own and it just didn’t happen. In the area I live there is a group that works out at church 3 days a week in the mornings. We are led in an all around almost boot camp style workout while our kids just run around the gym and play. My kids love it and ask when we are going to go as they get to play with friends and I work out, so a win win


    I find it hard to motivate myself to exercise also! I’ve found that doing it with a group of friends or partner helps a TON because then there’s someone depending on you and being there to push you and remind you! Also, I try doing it in the morning, before waking everyone else!



    I found myself in a similar position as you Saren and I’ve finally hit on something that really works for me. In the morning, I get up, put my workout clothes on (after setting them out the night before and being really clear on what my workout plan will be) and then I take the kids to the bus stop after our morning routine. I immediately start running from the bus stop – no going home first or I would never get out the door again. And because all my neighbors see me in my workout clothes, they asked me about my exercise for the day and that also reinforces that I will be running as soon as I wave goodbye to my girls.

    Good luck! I hope you find something that works for you.

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