February Make a Difference Challenge: Share the Love

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With Valentine’s Day barely behind us, our thoughts are still turned towards those we love.

With kids, Valentine’s Day can be a bit hectic–getting everyone to sign their cards and attach the goodies or if you are really ambitious having them make their cards. It seems to be a bit overwhelming to say the least. I had my fourth child just finish writing his last card the night before Valentine’s Day and I breathed a sigh of relief.
However, this exhausting process made me think about what this month should really be about.
Love is such a crucial element in all of our lives. It is the cement that holds our families together; it is the driving force for us to do good and spread kindness.
Love is really what makes us happy–to love and be loved. And where do we find the greatest source of love…our family!
So, this month’s challenge is to take some time to write a love letter to each person in your family.
I am really excited about this because every year I promise myself that I will write a letter to my children on their birthdays. I heard of another amazing mom who did this and I loved the idea. However, I find planning birthday parties takes a lot of time and effort and I do not usually have the time or energy needed to write a heartfelt letter when all is said and done.
I have now found a new tradition. I am going to pledge to write a heartfelt letter to each of my children (and hubby too) every Valentine’s Day. I feel this is the perfect way to express my love and give my family a new tradition that will hopefully be a cherished one. I know that in the process of doing this we will be reminded again of all the tender moments, the joyful times, and the wonderful things that really make each person in our family so unique, so special and oh so loved!
Your challenge: Simply write the feelings of your heart and share your love with those that matter most in a simple, heartfelt letter.

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