Family Rules and Consequences

Mary Jenkins has worked with her husband and children to set up rules and consequences that work well for their family using ideas from this post. Watch as she and her little son Nathaniel explain the simple behavior chart that lays out the rules and sets out the consequences for their family.


  1. Trin says

    I get the idea of having house rules, but where is the positive reinforcement for good behavior?
    The adorable little boy here is just trying to please his mom, why would he be jazzed about a punishment chart?

    • Mary Jenkins says

      Hi Trin! Thanks for your comment, that is a great question. At the time we used positive reinforcement for following our family rules in the form of a marble jar, similar to what my children’s teachers use in their classroom behavior management. When I was at my first Power of Moms retreat several years ago April Perry shared this idea as something that worked for her family. After trying so many different behavior systems myself I thought I’d give this one a try. The amazing thing was once my children knew what our family rules were (who we are striving to be as a family) and the expectations regarding behavior, they rarely ever got past the first warning. As you can see in the video, he knows the system and he absolutely loves it because he knows what to do now. He doesn’t have to try and remember different family rules and expectations. We created the list together as a family activity and they are posted as a reminder. This video was several years ago and it became so much second nature that we don’t have the chart up anymore. Thanks for your question!

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