Expectations in Marriage: Episode 25

Illustration by Grace Perry, Age 8

Raising a strong, happy family is ideally a team effort, but we’ve found that before a couple can be on the same page concerning their children, they (we) need to be on the same page as a couple.

Join Power of Moms Co-Director, April Perry, and her husband, Eric, in this 20-minute podcast where they discuss powerful ideas that have helped their own marriage of 13 years.  They’ll tell you about the times they “got it wrong,”  discuss some principles for setting realistic expectations, and invite you to share your own advice on what works in a true partnership.



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  1. says

    I appreciate you, April & Eric, for sharing your thoughts. It just made me happy to hear you both doing a podcast together. I’m hoping my husband will do some with me someday. We often don’t realize what parts of the things we’re doing can be inspiring to others. This information is so crucial to understanding the importance of families. The marriage relationship has to be the core, and many don’t understand this. Thanks for making your voices be heard!

    • April Perry says

      We so appreciate your kind words, Jenni. Podcasting with your husband is such a fun thing to do–even if it’s just a special audio file you keep for your children. I hope you two get to do some together soon. Eric and I noticed that there aren’t many married couples doing podcasts together about how to strengthen their marriages. We’d love to hear what you and your husband have to say! (Please send me the link if you do record one together, okay?) Take care!

  2. Brooke M says

    You brought up great points. Things that were great reminders for me were: give 100% not 50, focus on the hundreds of things your spouse does right, not the 3 or 4 problems, when you have a loving, committed spouse, they will respond and reciprocate when you put in the effort to do all YOU can to make them happy. I look forward to more from the two of you.

  3. Keri says

    Thanks so much for this podcast. (I found your podcasts about a year ago, but I’m going through all the old ones ’cause I can’t get enough! :) ) Can I tell you how much I love that you addressed marriages? So many family & motherhood sites never talk about marriage. I feel like I’m a much better mom than I am a wife. My parents were divorced when I was little and there was a lot of hate involved. My mom definitely put the children as the center of her wheel. My husband is wonderful in so many ways, but we have some big struggles and I just don’t know if I’m doing it right. Your podcast really helped me see the good that we are doing together and what I can focus on.

    Thank you! And tell Eric thank you!!!!

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