“Entitlement” Webinar with The Eyres

The Power of Moms recently hosted New York Times best-selling authors Richard and Linda Eyre in an incredible webinar on entitlement.

The Eyres have written a fabulous new book called The Entitlement Trap (we know . . . isn’t that a topic that every parent needs to learn more about today?).

In this webinar, you’ll hear creative ways to help your children develop a sense of ownership for their

  • things
  • money
  • conflicts
  • goals
  • values, and
  • choices

The hour-long webinar has also been marked with a variety of cue points (the “Presentation Agenda” on the left-hand side of this screen shot includes the series of links), so you can quickly jump to the sections you need the most :

  • Tips for creating a family economy
  • Ideas for positive discipline
  • Suggestions for writing a family mission statement
  • Strategies for helping children make important decisions in advance
  • Plus, a special Q&A section, where our webinar participants chatted live with Linda and Richard about their most pressing issues



Click here to view the webinar.

If you love the webinar, feel free to purchase The Entitlement Trap.