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They say that when we share our goals with others, we’re much more likely to achieve them.  The same thing goes for sharing our successes – when we share our great experiences with Bloom, we further motivate ourselves and others.

Share your favorite Bloom experiences and be inspired by others’ experiences here.

Here are some experiences people have shared with us.  Add your own at the end!

“One of my goals last week was to organize my recipies.  I’ve had this pile of dog-eared papers with recipies on them crammed into an old binder for years and every time I make something, I’m annoyed with myself that my recipies are such a mess.  Once I set the goal and decided to organize the recipies THIS WEEK, I really did it!  I bought some page-protectors and my daughter helped me and we spent about an hour organizing recipies and slipping them into page-protectors.  It’s not the most amazing recipe binder ever but it’s SO much better than it was and I have such a sense of accomplishment!” – April P.

“I went running 2 times this week.  I used to run all the time but with little kids, it’s been hard to do it for the last few years.  It felt so good to run again!  I felt like I got a little piece of myself back. I wanted to go three times but hey, 2 times is pretty good and I’ll step it up to 3 next week.” – Mary P.





Photo submitted by Kara Kelly




“My daughter was really sad when I forgot to get her a new lunch box when I did the school shopping.  I told her she could use a paper bag for the first couple days of school and we’d get the lunch box soon.  I had a lot of things going on and making a special trip to the store just for a lunch box seemed dumb.  But when I tucked her in bed, I had this idea pop in my head – I whispered in her ear that she should pretend to go to sleep so her little sister would go to sleep but that she should really stay awake and sneak out when her sister was asleep (she usually falls asleep really quick). When she came out I told her we were going on a special date to get her a lunch box.  She was SO excited and we had a really fun time together.  I bet she’ll always remember that and so will I.  That was my best serendipity moment so far.” – Courtney H.

“I didn’t do anything all that big with my goals this week – just sewed 3 patches on my son’s scout uniform that I’ve been trying to get to forever, wrote a note to a friend I’ve had on my mind and drank 6 glasses of water a day – but just doing those little extra things gave me such a sense of accomplishment!” – Sara H.





Photo submitted by Leslie Harkness




“My favorite serendipity moment:  I was working on my blog and my little boy kept bugging me.  Then  I realized that documenting all the cute things my son says (that’s what I was doing on my blog) was taking me away from enjoying my son right then.  So I turned off the computer, got right down on my son’s eye level and really listened to him. He said we haven’t read books together for days and days and days.  Even though it was time to make dinner, I read him three books and we had some great snuggle time and we just had cereal for dinner.” – Michelle P.

“I set a goal last week to have the big ‘sex talk’ with my daughter – it was one of the suggested goals and I’ve been putting it off forever!  I spent about an hour researching ideas on how to do it and then set up a special ‘date’ where my daughter got to stay up later than the other kids and we had banana splits and we told her how proud we are of her and how we think she’s old enough to know about some very important things about how our bodies work and where babies come from (got lots of ideas from here).  There were some awkward moments but overall, everything came off very well and I’m SO glad I finally made a goal to do this and did it!” – Jennifer R.

“My husband and I have very little time together in the evening with his work schedule and our four little ones. The few precious moments we have for bed are routinely disrupted by two worthy things: the daily pile of laundry I put on our bed, and my scripture reading. It takes us an extra half an hour to tackle the laundry and have me study- and it gets us to bed late and we have no decompression/pillow talk time. So on Bloom I committed to do laundry and reading before he got home. Wow! Our night magically opened up, my husband was thrilled to have the time together and we can truly relax. That precious time without our kiddos is sacred couple time now. And because Bloom forced me to log it, I made it a priority!” – Dawn W.

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