Quotes from Retreat Participants

Southern California Retreat September 2010

Here are a few of the 100’s of great comments we’ve received from Retreat participants.  It’s sure been wonderful to see our vision for Retreats result in a reality that really, really works for moms!

“This Retreat was truly life-changing for me.” – Leisl S.

“This was one of the most enriching weekends of my life.  I absolutely loved the diversity of women, yet the unity we all shared.” – Heather R.

“My husband is amazed at the peace and productivity that came from just 2 days at the Retreat. Thank you for the life-altering changes on the way I look at motherhood and my life. I feel like a happier healthier me.” – Susan C.

“What a magical weekend!  I haven’t laughed so hard or learned so much in a long, long time.” – anonymous survey answer

I’m leaving this Retreat not just with my fire lit but with it BLAZING! I have a passion for my role as a mother and now an extreme desire to bring this to others.  I love the specific tools we got to implement all the great ideas…I feel inspired – truly inspired!” – anonymous survey answer

“So enriching, enlightening, motivating and comforting!  Great to bond with wonderful like-minded mothers. What a fabulous supportive atmosphere!” – anonymous survey answer

Amazing, empowering plus very useful and practical.  I can’t wait to change my life and my family for the better.  It was everything I dreamed of and more.  I’m so excited to become the best me I can be.” – anonymous survey answer

“It was so enjoyable to be in an atmosphere of women who seemed to care so much about each other even before we knew each other’s names.  Just knowing we had the common goal of wanting to be better moms made us immediately accepting of each other.” – anonymous survey answer

“I was worried about the price, but I would have paid 10x more for what I got.” – anonymous survey answer

“Thank you so much for putting on this wonderful retreat! It was EXACTLY what I needed as a mom! I loved every minute of it and wish it could have gone on for a full week!  I came home with a completely new perspective – I feel like that time really made me appreciate my children so much more and strengthened my desire to develop strong relationships with them.  I came away with so many ideas and systems that I want to implement. I know it will take some time, but I have started working on a few and it has helped me to enjoy motherhood so much already.

One thing I’ve already implemented was someone’s idea to make sure and tell your child something from that day they did that you appreciate or something about them you love right before they go to sleep at night. I have found this is helpful for both of us – it makes the child feel good and also makes me feel happy and more grateful for them, especially after just getting through the hectic bedtime routine. It is nice to say goodnight to them on a positive note.

I have also started focusing on being more present when I am with my children. I have cut back on phone and laptop time, and I really try to look at them when they are talking and to show my excitement for the little things (like looking at flowers that have bloomed).

I really loved learning about thriving in motherhood rather than just surviving it.  And it was a breath of fresh air to talk about PMS (Perfect Mother Syndrome) and to realize that I am not the only mom that has those feelings of being a failure and never stacking up to those “perfect” moms around us.  What a great paradigm shift we were given! If we can just focus on the positive, good things we do each day!

We are also in the process of brainstorming family laws, rewards and positive discipline ideas and I have begun implementing the M.O.M. system.  I do not have it full running, but I can honestly say that in less than I week I feel SO much more organized and on top of things. I have gotten several small things done that I’ve been thinking about (and forgetting about) for months. I don’t have stacks of papers everywhere, I know where things are, and I know what has to be done and when.  These are brilliant systems!

It has been less than a week since I got home, but it has been a GOOD week.  Thank you so much for all of your time and hard work.  I love that your goals are helping mothers feel joy and strengthening families – what more could you ask for?  I’m hopeful that I can continue on with the motivation this retreat has given me and enjoy every moment with my children!” – Michelle G.

“Fabulous, fabulous, FABULOUS .” – anonymous survey answer

“Awesome, rejuvenating, educational, motivating and also realistic.” – anonymous survey answer

“After the Retreat, I have such a feeling of peace – even amongst my messy house and needy kids. I just feel happy to be blessed to be the mom and I know that I will accomplish the things I want to – but I don’t expect myself to do it all in one day like I used to. It has been a really long time since I’ve had such peace. I am so grateful to have been part of the retreat. Thanks again!” – Kelyn A.

“I loved hearing others’ joys, challenges, questions, etc. and realizing we’re all in it together.” – Kristi E.

“It was heavenly to hang out and get into great conversations with other women – something I miss so much from my college days!  I loved having the time to really talk with other moms about issues and needs that we all share.”  – anonymous survey answer

“I just wanted to write you a quick note of appreciation for the retreat. It has literally changed my life, my outlook, and my passion for motherhood. So many times, as the profound truths of Motherhood were being taught, my heart was singing. I’ve always known what sort of mom I wanted to be – but I didn’t know how to get there all by myself. I am in love with all the ideas from the Family Systems. Now I know what to do! I have been truly inspired and you’ve made such a difference in my life!” – Danielle M.

“I haven’t left my kids before so I was worried about getting away.  But it was SO good for me!  And everyone was totally fine without me.  I can see and understand my life much better after getting away from it for even 48 hours.” – anonymous survey answer

“The atmosphere of sharing and laughing and learning was great.”  – Susan W.

“I loved the focus on both comforting us and motivating us.”  – anonymous survey answer