Questions and Answers about Learning Circles

Q:  How would I find moms to be in my Learning Circle?

A: It really only takes a few mothers to create a wonderful Learning Circle.  You invite a couple moms and they can each think of a couple other moms and you’re all set!  Our Learning Circle Start Up Kit has suggestions for how to find moms who would be interested in your Learning Circle.  Chances are that even if you don’t currently have a group of “mom friends,” there are many mothers around you who are looking for just this sort of thing.  We’ll provide you with some great ideas for finding those moms, but if you can’t get a group together, we’ll refund your money, and you can try back again in the future.

Q:  Do I need any kind of special experience to be a successful Learning Circle Leader?

A:  No.  While it is certainly helpful to have some experience teaching, training or leading other groups, we’ve put together detailed instructions and ideas that can help any mother create a successful Learning Circle.  The most important qualifications for Learning Circle leaders are:

  • desire to help herself and her peers become the mothers they are meant to be
  • decent organizational skills (need to be able to remember to send out articles and reminders to all Circle members in a timely manner)
  • the ability to seek out and gather together other mothers who would be interested (using the guidelines in the Start Up Kit)

Q:  What if a mother in my group moves away after paying her dues?

A:  She retains access to the full year of monthly reading material she has purchased with her dues and can opt to use those materials on her own in her new location or set up a new group in her area.  If she does opt to start a new group, she’ll need to purchase her own Start-Up Kit so that she has all the materials and templates needed to get an effective group going that adheres to the standards of Learning Circles.

Q:  What if I buy the materials and get a group together but people don’t want to continue with the program?

A:  We’ll refund your money.  If you get a group together, hold your first meeting and people don’t want to pay their dues and continue with the group, we’ll refund your start-up fee.
Q:  What do I do when someone new wants to join my group after we’ve been running our Circle for a while?

A:  Each new member should pay her dues for the year upon joining (you can email her a link to the page where she can pay her dues).  When she pays dues, she pays for one year of access to the monthly Learning Circle materials.  The rest of your group may need to pay dues for their second year of participation before she would pay dues for the second year, but one way or another, each member would pay dues every 12 months.

Q.  Why do I need to set up a PayPal subscription when I pay for my start-up materials and leader dues?

A.  The simplest way for us to track who has paid when and when each person should pay for their next year of dues is through having people sign up for a PayPal subscription.  Once you’ve set up your subscription, you’ll be all set to access everything you need for Learning Circles using your regular Power of Moms login information.  If you cancel your subscription, your access will automatically be cancelled.  So please don’t cancel your subscription until you’ve received the full year of access that you’ve paid for!  Should you wish to cancel your subscription at the end of your year of participation, that’s just fine.  If you forget to cancel and get charged for your second year when you actually do not want to continue, just contact us with in 10 days or so and we’ll refund your dues, no problem.