Learning Circles Terms and Conditions

In signing up as a Learning Circle Leader, you agree to these terms:

1. The Power of Moms Learning Circles have been put together for the purpose of strengthening mothers everywhere.  A Learning Circle, though supported by our organization, does not represent or speak for The Power of Moms.  All opinions and ideas shared by group members or Learning Circle Leaders are the sole responsibility of that specific group.

2.  The Power of Moms is not responsible for any accidents, arguments, or indigestion that might take place at Learning Circle Meetings. Let’s try not to get too wild and crazy out there, ladies….

3.  In order to remain true to the purpose and function of the Learning Circles created byThe Power of Moms, each Learning Circle leader will establish her group by following the guidelines explained in the Learning Circle Start-up Kit.

4.  The Learning Circle Leader will do all she can reasonably do to ensure that each person who attends the Learning Circle is a current, dues-paying member of that group.

5. To help us unify all associates of The Power of Moms, Learning Circle Leaders will encourage each group member to sign up for The Power of Moms newsletters.

6. The Learning Circle Leader will also support the program by responding to occasional emails sent by Saren and April or our Learning Circles Director requesting information about how the Learning Circle is doing.

7. The Leader will not pass on materials to others wanting to start a Learning Circle but will rather encourage any interested parties to sign up and receive the Start-Up Kit directly from this website.

8. If there are any changes to the group, problems with the program or materials, or challenges in abiding by the above Terms and Conditions, the Learning Circle Leader will immediately notify The Power of Moms.


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