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Attachment-1 (5)According to a recent study, “joining a meaningful group that meets just once a month produces the same happiness gain as doubling your income” (New York Times, David Brooks, March 29, 2010).

And you can get lifetime access to all the materials you need to start your own amazing Learning Circle for $25.


What is a Power of Moms Learning Circle?

  • part girls’ night out (with a meaningful purpose – in addition to having a great time)
  • part book group (with a lot less pages to read…yep, you can complete the reading for each month in about 30 minutes)
  • part support group (we all need more opportunities to learn from, encourage, and even sometimes commiserate with other moms)
  • part motherhood course (because you deserve a monthly class to help you grow yourself, build your fellow mothers, and shape the future that starts right in your own home)

A Learning Circle involves 5-12 mothers who gather each month for great conversation centered on an excellent article that centers on a specific aspect of motherhood. Click below for topics covered.

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Learning Circle topics for each month are based on the Power of the Month.  While we offer many wonderful articles on the Power of the Month to all website visitors, the Learning Circle articles are reserved only for Learning Circle Members.  These articles are a little longer and more in-depth and offer great examples, stories, practical ideas, discussion questions and group assignments.

Following is the list of topics including one sample article.  Click on the June article to see the way we format the articles for easy printing and check out the discussion questions and assignment ideas included at the end of the article.

January:  The Power of Acceptance

February:  The Power of Love

March:  The Power of Patience

April:  The Power of Individuality

May:  The Power of Intention

June: The Power of Progress – Underneath the thousands of things you have to do or should do are the things that you were meant to do.  This powerful meeting will help you stop underestimating your own power and enable you to really move towards your dreams in your personal and family life.

Defying Gravity (SAMPLE ARTICLE with discussion questions and assignment – you must be logged in to see this. Log in in the upper right corner of this page.)

July:  The Power of Balance

August:  The Power of Priorities

September:  The Power of Organization

October:  The Power of Fun

November:  The Power of Optimism (and Gratitude)

December:  The Power of Moments


The Power of Moms provides our Learning Circle Leaders with the following:

  • step-by-step instructions to start up a very fun and effective group
  • thought-provoking, fun-to-read articles, great discussion questions and simple assignments to go with each month’s topic

The incredible Learning Circle program, available only through The Power of Moms, will offer you the support, ideas and fun you need in your life as a mom.

If you’d like to hear one mom’s experience, click here to listen to a conversation between April Perry and Learning Circle Leader, Danielle Monson.

To learn about another mom’s experience as featured on the TV show, Studio 5, click below:

We’d love to have you join us as a Learning Circle Leader!   Read through the following information for more details or if you’re ready to get started, you can scroll to the bottom to pay your $25 lifetime Learning Circle membership fee and get things rolling.

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How would I Start Up and Run a Learning Circle?

1. Sign up to be a Learning Circle Leader

Fill out the simple form below and purchase lifetime access to the Power of Moms Learning Circle Materials (including the Start-Up Kit and the Year I and Year II Manuals of Monthly Articles) for just $25. Once you register and pay, you’ll have immediate and ongoing access to:

  • The Learning Circle Start-Up Kit: Detailed information, guidelines and tips on how to set up and run a very successful and fun group. Also includes samples/templates for invitations, member organization and e-mail reminders.
  • The Learning Circle Year I and Year II Online Manuals: Two years’ worth of excellent, thought-provoking articles that go with each month’s theme that each member of the group reads prior to your monthly meeting, discussion questions to go with each monthly theme, and simple take-home assignments to help each group member implement her new insights. (For a sneak peek at one of our Learning Circle articles complete with discussion questions and guidelines, click here – you must log in in the upper right corner to see this link.)

You’ll simply start with the material for the month when you start your group and then proceed with the 24 monthly articles provided. You may choose to skip around but the topics are generally assigned to match the times of year and holidays quite nicely).

NEWDeliberateMotherhood***The Year II manual can be used online just like the Year I manual OR you can purchase the book, Deliberate Motherhood, and the 12 chapters in the book are the same 12 articles included in the year II curriculum. Some people like having a physical manual (the book) rather than printing out the articles each month. The book can be ordered HERE. The discussion questions and monthly assignments are ONLY available in the online version that can only be accessed by Learning Circle members.

2. Start up your group.

  • With help from the guidelines in the Start-up Kit, create a list of mothers who you think would really enjoy this monthly gathering and support and learning. Use the email template provided to easily invite them to be part of your Learning Circle.
  • Using our guidelines and the email template in the Learning Circle Start-Up Kit, set up a regular time to get together (i.e. third Tuesday of the month at 9pm when all the kids are in bed!)
  • Have each participant pay their lifetime membership fee of $25 using the link we provide in your Start-Up Kit (or the form at the bottom of this page).  Once members are registered, they’ll have access to all the articles they need. Membership fees enable us to run this program and help ensure that participants will be committed.

3. Hold your Monthly Circle Gatherings.

Rotate holding your monthly meetings at different Circle members’ homes, meet in your home each time if you want, or hold your meetings at a restaurant or other public place. Many groups enjoy cooking for each other and making each month’s meeting into a dinner party. Others enjoy rotating who brings some tasty dessert each time. Food always helps!

4.  Send an email reminder

About a week in advance of your meeting, you’ll want to remind everyone of the time and place and specify which article they should be reading to prepare for your discussion (using email templates provided).

5. Connect, support, learn and have fun.

Laugh, eat, relax and enjoy learning from other mothers who will become dear friends. This will be a monthly “shot in the arm” that will make a huge difference in your life!


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Here are some quotes we’ve received about Learning Circles (plus a few photos sent in by Learning Circle Leaders):

Our first Learning Circle gathering last night was amazing beyond description.  I am still in a state of shock at how incredibly wonderful our experience was.  We had 13 women who returned home as changed individuals, able to more effectively love their children and embrace their role as mothers.

The Learning Circle Start-Up Manual made it SO easy to set up my group. I think you’ve done a really great job at thoroughly explaining everything in great detail so that anyone could read the kit and go from there. It seems you have covered every possible question a Learning Circle Leader would have.”

“There was this great energy at our first meeting!  Everyone was so excited to have an uninterrupted adult conversation and to learn so much from each other.  After three hours of talking and laughing, I wrapped things up since it was getting late.  We said our goodbyes, but 1/2 hour later, I looked outside and everyone was still standing out there by their cars, chatting away!  I’m so glad we get to do this again next month or it would have been impossible to finally say goodbye!”

“We’ve only been doing our Learning Circle for a couple months but already, I can see that I’ve made some lifelong friends.”

In an email to her Learning Circle group: “I want to thank you all for a great discussion last night.  I felt renewed by the ideas you shared, grounded in truth – and I came home with some hopeful inspiration.  Thank you for being a safe place that filled me up last night.  Our Learning Circle has become one of the great joys in my life.”

“We’ve only been doing our Learning Circle for a couple months but already, I can see that I’ve made some lifelong friends.”

“In the Start-Up Kit, I love that you spelled out some ‘ground rules’ for our group to use so that they didn’t have to just come from me – when the rules come from another source, it’s just easier.  It’s so nice to have all these ‘tried and true’ instructions put together for us.”

430172_4054331871347_1482404837_n“The topics and articles offered by Learning Circles have been so perfect for all of the women in our group – even though we’re all very different and have children at slightly different stages.  I love how you’ve created topics that ALL moms need.”

“I loved having a specific place and time to discuss the issues that are most important to me as a mom.  My world is so full of  ‘baby talk’ and ‘small talk,’ but this Learning Circle gave me the chance to really connect with other moms and learn that I am not alone!”


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How would I find moms to be in my Learning Circle?

A: It really only takes a few mothers to create a wonderful Learning Circle.  You invite a couple moms and they can each think of a couple other moms and you’re all set!  Our Learning Circle Start Up Kit has suggestions for how to find moms who would be interested in your Learning Circle.  Chances are that even if you don’t currently have a group of “mom friends,” there are many mothers around you who are looking for just this sort of thing.

Q:  Do I need any kind of special experience to be a successful Learning Circle Leader?

A:  No.  While it is certainly helpful to have some experience teaching, training or leading other groups, we’ve put together detailed instructions and ideas that can help any mother create a successful Learning Circle.  The most important qualifications for Learning Circle leaders are:

  • desire to help herself and her peers become the mothers they are meant to be
  • decent organizational skills (need to be able to remember to send out articles and reminders to all Circle members in a timely manner)
  • the ability to seek out and gather together other mothers who would be interested (using the guidelines in the Start Up Kit)

Q:  What if a mother in my group moves away after paying her dues?

A:  She retains access to all the Learning Circle materials and can use those materials on her own in her new location or set up a new group in her area.  If she does opt to start a new group, she can use the Learning Circle materials to get her group going and she’ll want to ensure that everyone in her group joins Learning Circles and gets their own access to the Learning Circle materials.

Q:  What if I buy the materials and get a group together but people don’t want to continue with the program?

A:  We’ll refund your money.  If you get a group together, hold your first meeting and people don’t want to pay their dues and continue with the group, we’ll refund your start-up fee.

Q:  What do I do when someone new wants to join my group after we’ve been running our Circle for a while?

A:  Each new member should pay her one-time membership fee upon joining (you can email her a link to the page where she can pay her dues).  You’ll want to take time to introduce the new member at your next meeting and encourage her to catch up on the last couple of articles you’ve discussed.


Ready to get going?

Please read our Terms and Conditions by clicking below.

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In signing up as a Learning Circle Leader, you agree to these terms:

1. The Power of Moms Learning Circles have been put together for the purpose of strengthening mothers everywhere.  A Learning Circle, though supported by our organization, does not represent or speak for The Power of Moms.  All opinions and ideas shared by group members or Learning Circle Leaders are the sole responsibility of that specific group.

2.  The Power of Moms is not responsible for any accidents, arguments, or indigestion that might take place at Learning Circle Meetings. Let’s try not to get too wild and crazy out there, ladies….

3.  In order to remain true to the purpose and function of the Learning Circles created by The Power of Moms, each Learning Circle leader will establish her group by following the guidelines explained in the Learning Circle Start-up Kit.

4.  The Learning Circle Leader will do all she can reasonably do to ensure that each person who attends the Learning Circle pays her one-time Learning Circle membership fee.

5. The Learning Circle Leader will support the program by responding to occasional emails sent by Saren and April or our Learning Circles Director requesting information about how the Learning Circle is doing and will help ensure that her Learning Circle members receive information regarding Learning Circles sent out by The Power of Moms.

6. The Leader will not pass on materials to others wanting to start a Learning Circle but will rather encourage any interested parties to sign up and receive the Start-Up Kit directly from this website.

7. If there are problems with the program or materials or challenges in abiding by the above Terms and Conditions, the Learning Circle Leader will immediately notify The Power of Moms.


Then register and pay below. After you pay, you’ll have instant access and ongoing lifetime access to the Start-Up Kit and the Year I and Year II Manuals of Monthly Learning Circle Materials online.

(And don’t worry about any risks involved with this purchase…if you’re not satisfied with your Learning Circle experience for any reason, contact us within two months for a full refund.)

* We are committed to helping every mother have access to all the resources on our site that she needs. If you happen to be in a difficult financial situation, please review our payment philosophy and submit a quick and easy request. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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